Wholeness Home Steel Diversion Safe To Keep All My Valuables Safe and Hidden

WHOLENESS HOME Steel Dictionary Book Diversion Safe

Do you have any small items you want to protect?  From thieves? Intruders?  Any other household members?  Check out this steel diversion safe by Wholeness Home – you will be able to protect your valuable items right in plain sight.  Think about it – you could hide money, passports, prescriptions, jewelry and more.

Book Safe 2

The outside of the book/safe feels like a book, the pages are plastic but look just like paper pages but inside is a hidden solid steel locked compartment.  It comes with two keys so you always have a spare.  Even if someone finds it, they can’t get into it.
Book safe 3

This safe is solidly constructed and very easy to hide my valuables.  We actually do have a concern of a certain someone possibly breaking into our house.  It is probably something we will have as a concern for the rest of our lives.  It is nice to know that we can easily hide some of our small valuables.  This particular person would never check a book for anything important.  Another possibility is up at our camper.  We don’t lock the camper nearly as much as we should.  We all seem to go in different directions so the kids need to get in if we are at the front of the campground etc…  We don’t have much that would be valuable up there but it would be nice to protect the little that we might have up there.  So many options to protect valuables…


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