We Used Doctor On Demand Again… So Can You!

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Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand Just Made My Day AGAIN!

I am a wife and mother – only the youngest two children are at home but they have special needs and have many appointments that require me to miss work. Then there are issues at school, dental appointments, commitments etc… And that is just their schedule. For me – I have no time to be sick. I just cannot leave work for a doctor’s appointment when I know I will need my personal and vacation time for their needs. And so often if I were to go to the doctor – it is for a cold, flu, pneumonia, allergies, sinus infection, asthma etc… All pretty run of the mill stuff.

Enter Doctor on Demand…

Doctor Visit Laptop

Find the app on iTunes / Android

Doctor On Demand is a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with board certified physicians, psychologists, and lactation consultants via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. As a patient you simply download the Doctor On Demand app on a smartphone or tablet or visit on your desktop computer, provide a list of your symptoms, any medications you are currently taking and you are instantly connected to a provider licensed in your state for a video visit.

Psych Video Visit

Today was my second experience with Doctor on Demand and again I am happy.  This time it was for my daughter.  We tried to get into our doctor – too full – not on doctor or one physician’s assistant could see her.  We then went to the walkin.  The line was going to be at least a two hour wait and everyone in the waiting room was hacking up a lung – my daughter only had a rash and sore throat.  I didn’t want to leave a doctor’s office with her exposed to every nasty winter virus.


My daughter was quite nervous but after a few minutes she warmed up.  The doctor was very knowledgeable, spent time explaining the diagnosis and medication being prescribed and was excellent when speaking to a child.

Pediatric Visit

We did not need to wait in line anywhere, we were not exposed to other contagious illnesses, we did not need to wait for a doctor to come into the examination room or anything.  I seriously love this service – no missed work and no missed school!


Coincidentally, I saw Dr. Amy when I tried it the first time and my daughter saw Dr. Amy today.


To try it out simply download the Doctor on Demand app, register (FREE), type in my pharmacy choice, patient’s current list of medications – and connect to a doctor. I was connected with Dr. Amy for a 15 minute appointment – which in both cases was more than long enough.  In fact I doubt we get that much time at a physical doctor’s office.   The appointment is able to be held as long as you have an internet connection and an applicable device with a camera (such as laptop, ipad, iphone, tablet).


I can tell you without a doubt – I will use this service again (and obviously already have). It saved me time, was efficient, didn’t expose me or my daughter to other germs and allowed me to stay focused on my job.


Doctor On Demand is FREE to register (the app is FREE to download). You can get a discount on your first visit with coupon code:  fmbky3sm for readers of The Stuff of Success.  You can enter this unique code upon registration, store it in your account, and use it at a later date.


Find the app on iTunes / Android


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