15 Inch Packing Folder by Dot & Dot – An Essential Travel Accessory

15 inch Packing Organizer by Dot & Dot

This 15″ Packing Folder by Dot & Dot easily holds up to 7 shirts or pants while minimizing wrinkles and maximizing space.  It allows privacy to be maintained during airport inspections.  It even includes a folding board with instructions.  Dot & Dot also has many other travel accessories to make your life easier.  I have black but it is available in 10 different colors.


Packing Folder

My daughter and I will be heading to Florida next month and I can’t wait to put this packing folder to use.  I absolutely love it.  The folding board reminds me of Sheldon Cooper – I may need one (just the board) to get my kids to help me with laundry some time during this lifetime.  Our clothing is nice and neat, organized and easily accessible.  The pack itself is pretty sturdy but once the shirts are folded around the folding board it is really sturdy.  Even though I will be packing this folder into my suitcase, it is nice to have a handle on it.  If I just needed one change of clothes I could easily keep it in this folder.  My clothes will also be wrinkle free – which is great because the last thing I want to do while traveling is iron.  This is an awesome accessory and one of those things I am sure I will never be able to live without now that I have it.


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