BöG Products Safety Ultra Bright LED Bike Light #BikeSafetyLight

BöG Products Safety Ultra Bright LED Bike Light

For some people it isn’t that important to have bike lights and probably even less important to have very bright bike lights.  For us though it is very important.  We are not cyclists by any means but we do bike as a primary means of transportation during camping season from April through October.  Our campground is huge – approximately 800 campsites and miles and miles of roads.  The speed limit for cars is 5 MPH and even with that you are slowed down for pedestrians and bikes.  The fastest way anywhere is by bike.  That often means also biking in the dark and being a campground it is not very well lit.


Bog LED Lights

The Bog Ultra Bright LED Bike Light includes a headlight featuring 3 functions & 5 high visibility LEDs. The 7 function taillight with it’s high refraction red lens is extremely bright thanks to our 5 high visibility LEDs.  These lights are durable, very easy to install. Featuring a quick release system, you can remove the lights and pack them away.


Bog Bike Lights

The quick release system is very helpful.  Our campground has always been pretty safe and I have never had anything stolen nor have I heard of anything being stolen.  BUT – it is not worth risking it when you don’t have to.  Plus we also have bikes at home which are not nearly as safe when we ride them to the convenience stores etc…  These lights are quick release and perfect to just grab and go while storing our bikes.

We have always had a difficult time finding lights that light the way enough where we won’t panic about our children riding through the campground.  These definitely do the job.  Also, the added bonus of reflective strips will definitely help.


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