How To Vacuum While Putting My Children To Bed With Roomba @iRobot @BestBuy #iRobotatBestBuy

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How To Vacuum While Putting My Children To Bed

I honestly don’t know how busy other people’s lives are but sometimes I am consumed with everything in mine.  I work a full time job (sometimes significantly more than full time), have a husband who works just as much, we have two special needs children, his parents, two dogs of ours and two dogs of theirs.  It is a big house but very full.


Some days I feel like I can barely find a minute to breathe much less do laundry, dishes (no dishwasher), vacuum or any other cleaning.  Vacuuming needs to be a priority though because my daughter and I have allergies and if we let it go for a few days we will get quite sick.  These ladies are why we need to constantly vacuum…


The Girls

And the last thing I want to do is spend time vacuuming.  I want to spend time with the kids and dogs not cleaning up behind them nonstop (although I have been known to actually vacuum the dogs and skip a step)…  I am all for saving time with the use of tools that can do my work for me and the iRobot® Roomba® 870 is the perfect solution to help with some of my vacuuming needs.


I simply pick up (or have the kids pick up) the dog toys and charger wires (you know all those iphone, ipad, computer cables that seem to take over every outlet in the house).  Then while I am make supper, my daughter removes the iRobot from the dock and presses clean.


iRobot® Roomba® 870

The iRobot® Roomba® 870 allows me to focus on what I need to focus on and I feel so much better about my time.  This iRobot cleans floors with teh AeroForce Performance Cleaning System.  It allows for 5x the suction and removes up to 50% more dirt, dust, hair and debris.  All we need to do is press Clean (center button) whenever we want to.  I don’t even need to find it when it is done – it automatically returns to its Home Base® to recharge between cleanings.  Roomba is also the leader in robotic vacuuming and its slim profile lets it clean under furniture, beds, skirted furniture, tables and cabinetry.  The spinning side brush grabs dirt and debris from tough places like wall edges and corners.


Virtual Wall Barrier

This iRobot® Roomba® 870 comes complete with two virtual wall barriers, a docking station, manuals and a filter.




This iRobot is complete with iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Technology with cliff-detection sensors.  I don’t have stairs that would be an issue but certainly many of my readers would so this is extremely important.  The large HEPA filter keeps dust, dander, and other allergens out of the air.   The iRobot® XLife™ Extended Life Battery provides double the battery cycle and the Bin Full indicator light lets you know when the bin needs emptying.


iR5808-edit 7mb


There are 2 Virtual Wall Barriers to keep Roomba in the rooms you want to vacuum & out of the ones you don’t.   The tangle-free AeroForce™ Extractors are virtually maintenance free, making it even easier for Roomba to tackle daily dirt build-up  and leave more time for you to enjoy your day.  Roomba’s large HEPA filter keeps dust, dander, and other allergens out of the air – ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers (the biggest reason we need to constantly vacuum)!


Slide out dirt tray

The dirt tray easily slides out for quick and easy emptying.


Dirt tray contents

Yup – loving this for cleaning up dog hair!  No vacuum bags, no time wasted, the kids love pressing the button and following it around.  Who doesn’t love a robot?  It may as well be a cleaning robot!  My son will stand in front of it so it must choose an alternate course…  I haven’t figured out how to get the Roomba to vacuum my dogs directly though!


If I have meetings at night – I don’t even miss my vacuum cleaning time – I can easily schedule my Roomba to start at a certain time.


Check out the    at BestBuy!

34 thoughts on “How To Vacuum While Putting My Children To Bed With Roomba @iRobot @BestBuy #iRobotatBestBuy

  1. Michele says:

    They have this at Best Buy now? Great that means I will be able to go and check it out in person and ask about wall to wall carpeting and a lot of cat hair (no she won’t let me vacuum her!)

  2. Dede says:

    I’ve considered buying one of these for so long. We have all hardwood floors, kids, and pets. A Roomba would make life so much easier!

  3. Daisy says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. The idea of letting it do the work while I do other stuff sounds awesome!

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