Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt – Great Flavors The Kids LOVE!

NBA All Stars Yogurt



FOR THE TWEEN IN YOU. Alpina NBA All-Stars Yogurt combines creamy low fat vanilla yogurt with your favorite cookie or candy toppings.

DUNKIN FUN.  Each yogurt comes with an extra treat, Cookies ‘n Cream, chocolate mini gems, and Dunkers (white chocolate covered rice balls.) Just dunk’em in, mix’em up and enjoy, or eat them separately.

Chocolate Mini Gems

YOGURT TOPS THE FOOD CHAIN. There are numerous benefits of Alpina NBA All-Stars yogurt, which include:

  • ·      B vitamins for sustained energy throughout the day
  • ·      170mg of potassium – a key electrolyte
  • ·      10% of your daily-recommended calcium intake to promote growth and build strong bones
  • ·      Good source of Vitamin D to help your body absorb the calcium
  • ·    Four grams of protein to build and sustain muscle as well as to help with fat burn
  • ·      21g of carbs to give energy throughout the day
  • ·      Low calorie and low fat treat for morning, day or night

Cookies n Cream

Alpina is one of the most recognized companies in South America, offering classic favorites such as oat smoothies and drinkable yogurts. With manufacturing facilities in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and the newest addition in the United States, they provide more than 500 consumer products including baby foods, juices, desserts, cheeses, smoothies, and yogurts to millions every day.



Sephora eating Dunkers

I had all I could do to keep my kids out of this yogurt long enough for me to even take pictures!  They love yogurts that are fun and you can’t get much more fun than these.  The Dunkers were the first to disappear that first day.  My daughter even has a system where she puts some of the candy basketballs in the yogurt but in between bites she takes one that she has reserved for later and eats it.  See the container with some candies still in it on her lap?  She is quite methodical about the process.


GET IT NOW. Alpina All-Stars Yogurt is available now at select regional stores including: A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s, The Food Emporium, Super Fresh, Shoprite, Shaw’s, Lowe’s Markets and Sedano’s in S. Florida at the suggested retail price of $2.99 – $3.29. Coming soon to select Walmarts.


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    There are so many NBA products out there for every fan out there right now that it is dazzling. I think it’s great that everyone can find something for themselves and stand out

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