Stark Reflective Vest For Increased Visibility

Stark Reflective Vest

We are preparing for the upcoming camping season – hard to believe since there is still a ton of snow on the ground everywhere we go.  Generally by the time we are thinking about camping the grounds are clear and we begin to see flowers budding and grass being green.  But once we do start going we spend as much time outside as possible.  We are up and outside (we are in a camper) from the early morning hours until at least 10pm – well after dark.  Sometimes the kids are by our side before it gets dark sometimes they come up with some excuse to get back to the camper later.  Any agreement is always dependent upon them having adequate reflection and lighting to get back safely.  Although it is a campground, it is still a very large campground.


With the Stark Reflective Vest he will be much more noticeable and the reflective color is very bright and he will be seen easily throughout the campground.  He will be seen easier, farther, better and earlier.  As a result he will be able to walk, run or ride his bike around the campground and we will have peace of mind.  I ordered a size large enough that will fit over layers.  We camp in Maine and even when it is hot all day long it can easily drop to very cold temperatures in the evening.  The camper is warm but until we go inside it can be quite chilly – the reflective vest must be large enough to cover his layers.  The vest can also be worn my men or women which means we can actually share it and any other member of the family can also wear it.  My son also has some OT issues and this vest is really easy to put on or take off while still allowing him plenty of motion and it has a convenient buckle that is easy for him to open or snap closed.


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