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Tic Tac Toe Its Four In A Row


This project is a very easy craft created with my HP Envy and some 5×7 HP photo paper.  I am an HPSmartMom this year and it is definitely the highlight of my year.  This month I received this awesome bit of swag – an HPSmartMom bag, a small notebook and pen as well as a package of 5×7 photo paper with envelopes.


HPSmartMom Swag


My task – create a craft/project with the photo paper.  I feel like I have been using my new HP Envy printer daily anyway so that should be an easy task.  We decided (my daughter and I) to make a board game called Tic Tac Toe It’s Four In A Row.  It is a spinoff of the famous Tic Tac Toe that we all know so well.


I will outline our process… First I created a board in Excel and colored in certain squares in a pattern.  The pattern is absolutely not essential for this game but this board will have multiple uses – kind of an all purpose board.  Then I saved the board as a .jpg file.


Four In A Row Board


Then I printed the .jpg image on 5×7 photo paper with the help of my HP Envy printer.  I actually printed 6 – we always have a need for this particular board.  It keeps us busy anywhere.


6 4 in a row boards


We have a laminator at home.  For those of you that think they are expensive – they really aren’t.  I use ours all the time and they are great for dry erase projects or game boards among so many other things.  The next step is to laminate the game boards.  Each lamination sheet does two 5×7 boards.


laminating my tic tac toe its four in a row boards


Cut the boards out with approximately a 1/8th of an inch border of lamination film to maintain the seal.  Then you are good to go…


Tic Tac Toe Its Four In A Row Played With Coins


The best part of game boards like this is the flexibility.  You can play with anything you have available – buttons, trinkets, coins, checkers or whatever you want.  For purposes of illustration we are playing with quarters and pennies.
Each player has 6 identical pieces – 6 quarters and 6 pennies.

The game starts just like Tic Tac Toe – Each player takes a turn placing a piece on the board in a strategic way to try and get 4 in a row (rather than 3 in a row).

However, once each person has all six pieces on the board – if no one has won then the next strategic play takes place.  After all twelve pieces are on the board, players can move their own pieces in straight or diagonal paths in any direction with the goal of getting 4 in a row.  The complicating factors are:  you cannot jump over the other player’s pieces and you cannot capture any pieces.  If there is a piece in the way of where you want to be – you are blocked.

I am “playing” myself in this video for purposes of illustration so you get the idea…

Thank you so much and check back soon for some more HP Projects!  For even more HP Projects check out MyPrintly.com!  There are some great projects and tips for anyone out there.


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  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    This would be a wonderful game for my grandchildren to play. They would have so much fun. Now if I can get my daughter to make these for me…

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