Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer – Helping Prepare for Summer Fitness

Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer


Check out this Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Bosch Tri-Axis Technology from Germany!  This pedometer could not have come at a better time.  My previous pedometer had managed to find its way into the washer and dryer and then paid me back by not even working.  I was very frustrated.  However, it was a pedometer that was not well made and wasn’t functioning well before it decided to get washed and dried.


Ozeri Pedometer


This new Ozeri pedometer holds up perfectly to everything I ask of it.   The new 3D Tri-Axis Bosch Sensor from Germany (with X, Y, Z vector detection) provides superior accuracy in any position.  I am not a high performance athlete – more of a casual and occasional athlete – but it is designed for high-performance athletes and is the world’s thinnest and lightest pedometer — 0.5cm (less than 0.2″) thick and weighs just half an ounce.  It records steps, distance, calories, fat burned and exercise time and counts up to 1 million steps with 7-Day Memory, and includes a built-in Clock and Sports Timer with Auto Sleep technology.  With a razor thin design it fits in any pocket, includes a belt clip, extra battery, and detachable lanyard. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


I am so impressed with the size and almost imperceptible weight of this pedometer.  It is accurate and appropriate.  The battery should last a long time since it has an auto sleep mode.  I have had other pocket pedometers that were far larger than this one – I could put this into any pocket.  When I haven’t had a pocket – I have tucked it into my sock or my bra and it seemed to work perfectly.  My mother-in-law desperately wants this pedometer – I guess I will be purchasing her one.


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