Joy Williams Releases An Emotional Venus Album #JoyWIlliams #O2O

I participated in the Joy Williams Venus album review program as a member of One2One Network.

I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.


Joy Williams was one half of the four-time Grammy-winning folk-rock duo The Civil Wars. Until their 2012 hiatus (and eventual break up in August 2014) the singer-songstress rarely showed her talents outside the duo group.  She now has a new solo album, VENUS where she changes all that. She was intent to tell a more honest, human story of one woman’s journey out of darkness.



Over 11 unstintingly honest songs, she unabashedly recounts what occurred in her life over the past two and a half years. She doesn’t try to defend or explain, but instead tells a simple straightforward story of events, sparing no one, especially herself. This album shows how one woman has come to live her truth — the good, the bad, the petulant, the honorable — and in the end, shows all of us how to live our own.
Joy is finding her voice again with Venus – she has reclaimed herself.  She wrote her first song on June 24, 2013 in Nashville – a few days before her son’s 1st birthday.  In the following year she wrote 75+ songs for this album.  This album is different from her other work – but through her love and influence by Massive Attack, Annie Lennox, Portishead, Kate Bush and hip-hop she was able to make something that was completely different. Something completely her own. She started the process by recording all of the songs with acoustic guitar, and it just wasn’t inspiring enough to her… She in-fused other kinds of styles and production into these songs.


Joy created this album to encompass the following themes:  Acceptance. Transcendence. Trans-formation. Letting go of things that don’t serve you.



1.     Before I Sleep

2.     Sweet Love Of Mine

3.     Woman (Oh Mama)

4.     One Day I Will

5.     Not Good Enough

6.     What a Good Woman Does

7.     Until the Levee

8.     You Loved Me

9.     The Dying Kind

10.    Till Forever

11.    Welcome Home



This album struck me as being so incredibly different the first time I listened to it.  In fact, it struck me as a very emotional album – a little more than I was willing to commit to in one sitting.  I had to step away in order to come back and revisit it.  When I did revisit the songs – I was able to focus on the powerful messages and really felt like I was drawn in by the folksy almost celtic-like rhythm.  I love celtic music – although most of what I listen to is more upbeat.  The music is different – a take some time to slow down and listen type of album and well worth taking the time to do so!  My only real “negative” is I don’t like the nakedness on the photos and videos.  I understand how it all relates to the music but it makes it a little more difficult for me to explain to my kids…  What is my favorite song?  What a Good Woman Does – This is a very emotional song that evokes strong feelings.


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