6 Reasons To Travel With Your Friends In New York City

6 Reasons To Travel With Your Friends In New York City

6 Reasons to Travel with Your Friends in New York City

New York City can be experienced in so many ways, and we certainly encourage you to keep going back, but traveling with friends offers the opportunity to fully experience the city and get the local’s perspective. With your friends along for the ride, you can stay in a bigger space, sample more delicious dishes, have witty post-theater conversation, travel together, and split car fare, and more. Here’s how:

Rent a Property

As a bustling city that is home to so many, New York City space comes at a premium. By traveling with friends you can split the cost of staying in hotels in New York City. Not only does this help you save more, but you’ll also get more room to stretch out after a long day of walking and exploring.

Dine as a Group

It’s okay if you don’t want to share a bite of your bagel with its schmear of cream cheese, but when headed out to any of New York’s top restaurants it can be hard to settle for just one dish. By bringing your friends along, everyone can order something different to share.

Experience the Theater

While it’s indisputable that NYC performances are some of the best in the world, part of experiencing the theater is sharing it. After taking in a Broadway play, seeing the Rockettes, or enjoying an evening at Lincoln Center, you can indulge in discussing it with friends. Consider stopping by the Waldorf Astoria’s Peacock Alley Bar or the Algonquin’s Blue Bar for post-show cocktails and conversation.

Buddy Up

Traveling in an unfamiliar city is always safer when you have a friend or two along. By traveling in a group you’re guaranteed to have a friend nearby who will help you decipher the subway map or shop at Barney’s.

Splurge on Transportation

Depending on how many friends you travel with, you can enjoy splitting cab fare or opting for a car service. Splitting the tab with friends will allow you to enjoy a ride around the city in style without paying a heft total by yourself.

Try Something New

When you travel alone, you may pick experiences that only you are familiar with. But traveling with friends will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. A thrill-seeking friend will get you to walk the High Line while your swanky friend will get you to pamper yourself at the spa at the Grand Hyatt New York.

If you travel with friends that you love, you’ll be guaranteed these added perks, and your experience in New York will be all the because of them. Do you really need any more reasons to start planning a group getaway to New York City?


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