How To Save Money in Cambridge MA

How To Save Money in Cambridge


How To Save Money in Cambridge

Massachusetts is one of the most historical regions in the United States. The amount of important events that have happened in this area is quite staggering. Cambridge is one of the most historically significant cities in the state. Most famous for being the home of Harvard University, history buffs will have a field day visiting this lovely town. However, it should be noted that this part of the country can get quite nippy in the winter to say the least. Therefore, you should make your plans to visit Cambridge during the summer. Here are some tips that will show you how to save money in Cambridge.

1. Avoid taxis

Taxis come in handy in some situations. If you have a limited amount of time to get to your destination, a taxi can save time and get you there quickly. It is much faster to get around town in a taxi than by using the bus. However, a taxi also costs you considerably more that a bus or the subway. If you use taxis as your primary form of transportation while you are visiting Cambridge, you will be spending a considerable amount of money. You would be better off taking the bus. It is okay to use a taxi from time to time, but make sure it is a situation when you really need it. Alternately, you can also rent a bike to ride around town. This will make it easier for you to take in many of the sights.

2. Budget your meals

Eating out during a vacation can be expensive, so it is important to put some serious thought into where you are eating and how much it is costing you. This is not to say that you need to eat fast food for your entire trip. You can go out to a nice restaurant a couple of times, but expensive meals should be kept to a minimum. Even cappuccinos and lattes at coffee shops can tend to be a bit pricey. Since these do not provide any nutritional value, these should be avoided during your visit to Cambridge as well. One of the best ways to avoid spend a lot of unnecessary money on food during your trip is to give each person a certain amount of money to spend on food each day. This will make each person think about their food selections much more carefully.

3. Choose your hotel wisely

When it comes to a hotel to stay in during your trip, there are a wide variety to choose from in Cambridge. If you are on a tight budget, you should consider staying at one of the many “no frills” hotels that are located in the city and the surrounding area. Fortunately, there are now many ways you can use to help you find hotels in Cambridge. One of the most efficient ways is to use the travel website called Hipmunk. This site gives you the ability to book a room at the Best Western Plus Hotel Tria, or a different hotel. Before you make your hotel reservation, spend some time comparing the prices of other places that are comparable. See if any of them offer any perks, such as a free meal that is provided daily. Make your reservation with the hotel that offers the most freebies.


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