The Advanced Moisturizing Cream by Anaiti

Advanced Moisturizing Cream by Anaiti


The Advanced Moisturizing Cream by Anaiti


Do you need a moisturizer that doesn’t just moisturize but also rejuvenates your skin and improves skin tone?  Then The Advanced Moisturizing Cream by Anaiti is definitely for you.  They have mastered the art of supplying the vital anti-oxidants, hydration and nutrients skin needs to look vibrant, smooth and fresh.  Dehydration is definitely a result of aging and environmental exposure, leaving skin looking dull and sallow. AquaxylTM, formulated from natural sugars, restricts this moisture loss and plumps up the skin’s natural water resources. These hydrating benefits are enhanced further with moisture-boosting, naturally derived Shea Butter and Sodium Hyaluronate. Sea Buckthorn Seed Extract further protects skin from collagen damage and enhances skin with anti-oxidants and Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-7 nutrients. Advanced Moisturizing Cream for Celebrity Skin promotes a bright, fresh complexion, limiting signs of aging, reducing fine wrinkles and boosting skin’s natural defense system.



All you need to do is apply after washing your face twice a day.  In the morning after you wash you face, apply – then add your makeup or bronzer.  Your face will become so soft and smooth – you will love it.  This is a great daytime moisturizer.  My mom taught me years ago (at an age that I am sure she doesn’t remember giving me the lesson because I was so young – but I do remember it very well) to always wear a good daytime moisturizer under my makeup.  I have never forgotten that lesson.  The only difference is that the moisturizer options 40 years ago are vastly improved now.  I absolutely love how soft my face feels throughout the day.  I am hooked.


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