Jean Paul USA – A Phenomenal Alto Saxophone From Student to Advanced! The AS-400

Jean Paul USA AS 400 Alto Saxophone

Jean Paul USA 

Do you have a child who plays an instrument in band? My daughter has started playing the saxophone, and I had to learn about obtaining an instrument for her. It was quite an interesting experience. You can either rent or purchase an instrument.
When I looked at renting, the monthly payment for the alto sax was higher than my first car payment! I ended up purchasing one, and it was cheap and horribly made – I don’t think it would have lasted one lesson. So instead, I was glad to receive a  Jean Paul USA Alto Saxophone AS-400 for her to use instead. It is a beautiful, durable instrument that she will be able to use for the next few years.
My daughter really loves this sax, which is in the key of Eb. It is very sturdy, solid, and well-constructed, with a strong bell brace which adds to its durability.
This is an excellent instrument for a beginner or intermediate player, and it is also very affordable, which is great for parents who want to make sure that their child sticks with an instrument before purchasing an advanced version.
One of the reasons that this is such a good beginner instrument is the design. The tapered pivot keys make the saxophone easier to play, and the saxophone has a strong, smooth sound. They keys are even and easy to press. The AS-400 has the best sound of the saxophones in its class.
My daughter is very happy with the appearance of the saxophone as well. It is well-crafted with a yellow-brass body construction, with beautifully engraved designs on the body. The key buttons are very pretty mother-of-pearl. With a lacquer finish, the whole instrument is very attractive.
Adding to the value of the Jean Paul USA Alto Saxophone AS-400 is the fact that it comes with everything your child needs to get started with a new instrument. The saxophone arrives with a high-quality contoured carrying case – which is much easier to manage than the bulky and hard cases that instruments came in when we were kids. It also comes with a mouthpiece, ligature, cap, neck strap, polishing cloth, cork grease, and swab cleaner. All of this is backed up by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
If your child is starting an instrument or looking to upgrade, Jean Paul instruments are a wonderful option. They are sturdy, durable and well-made, and most importantly, affordable. We are very satisfied with the Jean Paul USA Alto Saxophone AS-400 and look forward to years of play as she learns to play and advances with her lessons.
This saxophone will absolutely last for her lifetime!  She is extremely proud of her “sax” and wants to show it off to the world!  The AS 400 Alto Saxophone is designed specifically to last from beginner through intermediate to advanced.
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7 thoughts on “Jean Paul USA – A Phenomenal Alto Saxophone From Student to Advanced! The AS-400

    • Athena says:

      This sax is well worth the investment. I am sure she will get years of music out of it! Who knows – maybe my grandson will end up playing it too!

  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I so love the sound of a Saxophone and would love to learn to play one some day. My son played it in high school. We bought his and they are indeed very expensive. I love the way her Sax looks. It is gorgeous. This is awesome information for other parents.

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