Porky Panda Ugly Snuglies (Surprise Blanket Inside)

Porky Panda Ugly Snuglies


Ugly Snuglies are the newest crazy for all the youngsters these days! Each one has special surprise of their own making them perfect gift ideas! They are soft and fun as well as the perfect companion for that lucky kid (or kids) in your family! Each Ugly Snugly comes with its own gift! Rowdy Rabbit has a radio in him with a headphone hookup to keep your child in step and make music fun! Krazy Kitty comes with a light in his tail making him perfect for your night time reader or the little one in your family terrified of the monsters in her room! Pouty Piggy is a piggy bank! You put money in her mouth and it closes at her bottom! Perfect for any kid who needs help saving money or is looking for a fun way to do so! It will also keep those pesky older siblings out of their bank because who would think to put money in a fluffy piggy bank! Bizarre Bear has 5 secret zipper pockets! Perfect for hiding your valuable toys and electronics! This bear is great for long trips or leave ipods in the car when at the grocery store! Unusual Unicorn has an alarm clock in her! Making any wakeup enjoyable, fun, and  cute! Manic Monkey is a backpack! It clings to your child like a real monkey would and has a pouch to hold things in like a real backpack! Last but not least Porky Panda has a soft, warm blanket in him which makes him the perfect snuggle buddy for any kid anywhere! This amazing product is perfect to give for any occasion whether its your nephews birthday or christmas morning! These are sure to please and excited!





My son LOVES his Porky Panda Ugly Snuglie! He cuddles with him and his blue blanket every night! He loves to show off his panda and surprise people by pulling out a blanket from his best buddy’s tummy! I absolutely adore the look on his face when he gets ready for bed. The look he has as he waits anxiously waiting for Porky Panda to come sleep with him and keep him safe and warm is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better product to have been created! I just recently ordered Krazy kitty for my cousins birthday that we went to a few days ago! She absolutely loved her new stuffed animal and night light! It was the cutest thing to see her face light up when she saw her and then she screamed when she realized she could now read until she fell asleep at night without her big light having to be on! It was definitely worth the buy and I can’t wait to buy the rest of them for our family and friends  this holiday season!





Ugly Snuglies are an “As seen on TV product!” and like many don’t get the recognition they deserve! This product is perfect for both boys and girls; and has a personality as unique as every child themselves! No matter the age or love Ugly Snuglies has something for everyone! Whether you know a child who loves to snuggle up and watch a movie with a cozy blanket and stuffed animal or have a child that isn’t very good at waking up on his or her own in the morning – you can find the perfect stuffed creature for everyone on your shopping list! I know many of you may be struggling with what to get that niece of yours that is always trying to save money or the nephew who loves his music but always loses an ipod! I strongly suggest ordering them now before the holidays sneak up on you! Find the perfect gift for your little ones in a personal Ugly Snugly! “So ugly they’re cute!”


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