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Growth Factor Preworkout Muscle Pump Activator #GrowthFactor



My husband has started a journey to get healthier, more fit and lose weight.  He has turned to Growth Factor to help him through this journey.


When I met my husband many years ago he was quite fit and had been a college football player.  He was in excellent shape, ate well and never really had to worry about too much.  Of course back then we were both fit – and then life and stress tends to derail even the best of effort sometimes.  That – and in college participating in organized sports made staying in shape so much easier and a whole lot more fun.


But we are older now and definitely understand the importance of doing some things for us – even if the kids don’t like giving up the spotlight.  It is good for them to understand the world really doesn’t revolve just around them.  And taking time for us – inevitably helps them (though they may not see it that way right now).


Growth Factor will help my husband’s muscles reach maximum performance while he is working out.  He will be able to push farther and faster than without it.  It delivers it’s amino acid blend to his straining muscles, providing them with the nutrients they need for sustained development. Amino acids provide the base matrix his muscles require to develop fast, to get that thick, skin splitting, vein popping power.  Growth Factor also promotes in workout recovery as well as faster post workout recovery with less muscle pain – so he can get back to the other things in his life that are significant.  What more could he possibly ask for?


This is everything he needs to stick with his new program, enjoy it, see results and forge forward.  It is intensely gratifying for him and for me – since I am happy to see him doing something he loves so much.

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