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How We #BreakTheNorm Like Norm of the North (Giveaway) #IC #ad

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Norm of the North has finally arrived (01/15/16)

Norm of the North is Lionsgate’s latest movie release and it introduces Norm, a big-hearted, and talkative polar bear from the Arctic.  Norm lets as tag along as he ventures to NYC to prevent his beloved home from being overtaken by developers. With helpful lemming friends at his side, he takes on the Big Apple, big business, and a big identity crisis as he tries to save the day!


Enjoying her Norm of the North Activity Booklet
Enjoying her Norm of the North Activity Booklet


Just as Norm takes on new challenges and adventures for his home and family – so do we!  My children have special needs and are adopted.  So much of life’s day to day activities are out of their comfort zone.  In the last year though they have grown so much and stepped out of their comfort zones in ways I could never have imagined!


Norm of the North Socks
Norm of the North Socks


We started camping about 7 years ago to try and keep the kids in a safe place that will also allow them to experience things and expand their comfort zone.  That has worked perfectly.  Last year we decided to switch things up and really try to help them grow in different ways.  First we took a huge trip to Florida and Disney.  I have to say that even took me a million miles out of my comfort zone.  Traveling with special needs children for large distances and time can present entirely different challenges than just traveling 3 hours away on weekends.  But that trip went so much better than we could have ever anticipated.  Even the four days in the truck – very little trouble.


Norm of the North Shirt
Norm of the North T-Shirt


Given that success we started making some other changes.  First, our daughter started horseback riding – we were seeking it out for therapeutic reasons to begin with but her success has far surpassed our hopes.  She started riding in April and is now beginning to compete.  In her first competition she placed 2nd!  Now the horses/barn are her world. Getting our son to get on a horse took a great deal longer and it was probably even more important for him.  It took a good three months of weekly trips to the barn to get him to get on a horse.  Now, we have leased two horses and we spend a great deal of time every week at the barn with both of them riding.  I don’t know if my son will ever compete and we don’t push him.  So far he doesn’t have an interest.  But the social skills, responsibility and love that they now experience weekly was not even possible in our wildest dreams at the beginning of last year.  Now look at them…


Sephora and Doc and Anthony and Tess


And that my dears is so awesome!  And just like Norm of the North stepped out of his comfort zone – so have my kids…


Can’t wait to see Norm of the North?  Check out this Arctic Shake video…

We can’t wait to see Norm of the North – I love bringing my kids to events and movies that show them just what you (they) can do if they step through some of their fears and worries.  They can make a difference and their lives can become so much more enriched.


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Norm of the North Giveaway


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