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Blendtec Designer 725 With Twister Jar

Blendtec Designer 725 With Twister Jar – The Best of the Best Blenders!

This Blendtec machine is truly my dream machine – and although I am not a chef I am like Tim the Toolman Taylor when it comes to machines.  Those machines could be for construction, sewing, fitness or kitchen… Sadly I am often as accident prone as he was but not with the Blendtec Designer 725 blender system.


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Blendtec Designer 725 blender system

Blentec 1

I will start by saying this machine is incredibly solid.  That base is quite heavy – my blender is powerful and stays exactly where I put it.  I can start it and actually step away.  There is no need to stand beside it and “hold the top down”.  I have been married for almost 25 years and I foolishly thought for the first 15 years that a blender is a blender.  But after breaking so many of the inexpensive machines, machines that never quite did what I felt a blender should be able to do, I finally decided to check out just what the big guy machines are all about.  This journey led me to my Blendtec Blender.  This machine is as far from an inexpensive machine as it could possible get.  This Blendtec machine has all the bells and whistles I could possibly imagine but it does every single job better than any other blender out there!


And right now you can get up to 30% OFF and free shipping

Blendtec Designer 725 blender system


Blendtec 2

When I used to think of blenders I thought specifically about smoothies and milkshakes.  I never really tried much else.  But in the last few years I have discovered that a good, really good, blender can do soooo much more.

I am married with two children at home and my mother in law and father in law also live with us.  We all have separate cravings and the Blendtec machine can meet all our needs.  I really had a difficult time deciding just what recipe I would show you all.  My 14 year old loves his milkshakes – not all that healthy but definitely more healthy when made at home.  My 9 year old daughter loves her fruit based smoothies – and I do too since I can sneak some unsuspecting vegetables into her drink and other than color – she never notices.  My husband is a big fan of his green smoothies with kale, spinach, fruits and protein powder.  They are a pretty green but a little too tangy for the rest of us.  Me?  I love to make hummus.  Any kind of hummus and I could pretty much eat it all day every day.  Hummus is good for you as long as you aren’t slipping it on calorie filled items such as crackers etc…  I am perfectly happy eating hummus from a spoon – no worries there.

So I will not keep you waiting any longer – here are some hummus recipes.

My easiest hummus was developed out of a hummus craving but lack of some ingredients.  But really how can you go wrong with hummus.  Without further adieu – I introduce you to Salsa Hummus.


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Blendtec Designer 725 blender system


Salsa Hummus Blendtec

This hummus is literally just two ingredients.  Any type of salsa and a can of beans.  My favorites are either chickpeas or cannellini beans.

salsa hummus 6

Place approximately 8 ounces (not the entire jar!) of salsa into the blender then add in the full can of beans after draining all fluid.  Blend in your Blendtec Designer 725 blender cup.  It only takes about ten seconds to have the smoothest hummus ever.  Now if you choose you can certainly add garlic or whatever you wish but this truly is perfect just the way it is.

salsa hummus 4

And no I do not share…  If I make a double batch I will share, but no one else in the house likes hummus though many people at work do!

I am not a huge fan of Tahini so if I can get around using it – I do.  Though sometimes I feel a recipe just really does need it.  If you are a hummus lover like me, here are a couple more recipes for you to try in your Blendtec machine.




1 Can Chickpeas

1 Full roasted red pepper

1/2 teaspoon salt – I use himalayan sea salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper – I LOVE pepper so the more the better – you may like less

Olive Oil

3 Garlic cloves – if you are sensitive to garlic – try just 2 cloves

Mix all in your Blentec Blender.  As you can see I don’t tell you how much olive oil – mostly because I don’t measure.  But I add a little bit at a time until it was a consistency I was happy with.   Play with it and see what is good for you.



1 can chickpeas

1 can artichoke

1/2 cup tahini

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon lemon juice

salt to taste

pepper to taste

Mix all in your Blentec Blender.  This is a recipe I felt I couldn’t skip the Tahini and it happens to be my favorite hummus.


 This Blendtec Designer 725 has SmartBlend technology, a multi-speed pulse option, a 100-speed touch slider, and a sleek, show-stopping design.

Features include:
  • 1725 watt, 3.8 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
  • Pre-programmed cycles: Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, Clean with a customized “add 10 seconds” feature
  • 100-speed capacitive touch slider – Easy to control with just a slide of a finger
  • Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time

The Smartblend Technology recognizes issues while operating and provides guidance to resolve the issues. The jar is easy to clean and its unique design eliminates the need for a tamper.  The blade is thicker, stronger and safer than competitor blades.  Designed with a smart touchscreen so you don’t need to stand there and monitor it and it is more difficult for mold or bacteria to remain there.  It has a hardened metal drive rather than a plastic drive – this base is very heavy and sturdy.  Even ice cubes blend up nice and smooth making for the perfect milkshakes and smoothies.

And the most amazing feature is that you can get rewards for using the blender! The Designer 725 tracks your blends, then displays reward codes at certain milestones. Redeem the code online for recipe books, gift cards, kitchen utensils, jar discounts, and more!


The Twister™ jar is designed to blend thick recipes, such as nut butters, hummus, baby food, dips, thick shakes, dressings and more!  The Twister jar is also compatible with all Blendtec consumer blenders!

To use the jar, simply add ingredients and twist the lid counter-clockwise while the blend cycle is running. This twisting motion forces the ingredients from the sides of the jar back into the blade, allowing you to achieve a perfect blend every time. Sometimes I like my hummus pretty thick and this jar is perfect for my favorite recipes.

Also included is the Spectacula™ spatula—engineered specifically for the Twister because it is just the right length and shape so you can get nearly every morsel out of your jar.

Features include all of these unique Blendtec advantages:

  • Patented Twister lid
  • Mini Gripper™ lid for containing thinner blends
  • Patented single-prong tuned wingtip blade
  • Easy-to-read jar markings up to 16 fl oz
  • Durable BPA-free material that stands up to heavy use
  • Compatible with all Blendtec consumer blenders, not compatible with Blendtec mixers.
  • 3-Year Warranty


And right now you can get up to 30% OFF and free shipping

Blendtec Designer 725 blender system


The Twister Jar is perfect for banana ice cream!  This is the one time my daughter gets to eat ice cream for breakfast.  When you get the over ripe bananas and you don’t feel like making banana bread (which I am the only one who would eat it anyway) – peel them, break in smaller pieces and freeze them.  When you are ready for your ice cream take the equivalent of two bananas (per person) out of the freezer, and throw them into the Twister Jar and whip them up!  When they are all fully blended, their look leaves something to be desired.  But if you take the spatula provided and mix with just a couple turns of the handle, you will notice immediately the change in appearance.  It is transformed into a vision of ice cream.  But what is more – it actually tastes like ice cream and has the exact consistency of ice cream!  Add whatever you want (if you want anything added) on top such as chocolate syrup, a cherry, whip cream, sprinkles – you name it.  This is the most guiltless ice cream you can imagine.  Seriously – try it and you will be amazed!

This Blendtec Blender is so incredible and would be the absolute best kitchen appliance you will own.

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