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Atlin Style Travel Shoe Shine Kit

The Atlin Style Travel Shoe Shine Kit is the perfect gift for the man that likes to keep his shoes looking good. The compact size means that it can be slipped easily into any size suitcase when traveling. All the items inside the kit can be easily replaced when empty or used up.

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The kit includes everything that is needed to care for any dress shoes, including a small can of black paste shoe polish, a sponge applicator w/case, brush, polishing cloth and sturdy plastic shoe horn.

The whole kit fits perfectly into the compact genuine black leather case that features classy looking stitching and has a unique strap and loop closure with a snap to hold it securely in place. The inside of the case has storage places for each of the items that are included and the shoe horn, brush and cloth are all held in by elastic straps.

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● The brush and polishing cloth are both held securely in place with an elastic strap

● its compact size holds all the necessary gear to care for your shoes

● Stylish, genuine leather shell will look great for years to come

● Includes a sturdy, all plastic shoe horn that stores snugly in the top half of the case


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My husband has a single pair of dress shoes that he wears with all of his suits, whether he is going on a business trip or we are going out for a fancy night out. Since he only has the one pair of shoes he has to stop and use the shoe shine booth at the airport when he flies and then hope his shoes don’t get too scuffed.


So when I saw this Atlin Style Travel Shoe Shine Kit on Amazon, I knew it would be the perfect gift for him. It’s compact size was perfect for travel and also for other occasions when he needed to wear a suit. It comes with everything he could need to keep his dress shoes looking great; a can of black polish, sponge applicator, brush, shining cloth and shoe horn. It is neatly packaged inside a beautiful, genuine black leather case which features a classy strap and a snap closure.


If you are looking for a great gift for the man in your life, you cannot go wrong with the Atlin Style Travel Shoe Shine Kit.


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