$5 Project for Chairs That Are Good as New!

Chairs are good as new


My daughter recently moved into our third floor apartment – which was fully furnished.  I am not sure who did all (most) of the damage because she left and the place looked like a tornado blew through.  You will see several posts as I try to put the place back together.


For this project we had a pair of chairs that had an off white cushion.  I was told my grandson spilled grape juice on them – regardless of what was spilled on them, they were either going in the dumpster or they were going to be reupholstered.


I actually enjoy reupholstering and enjoy adding different color to our chairs whenever I want.


Here are the chairs before I did them (and after I freaked)!!


The grand mess


Clearly that is more than grape juice – perhaps chocolate?  Yeah, fun.



My younger daughter is testing them out (don’t mind the hair bling she put on her forehead…)


Anyway – after freaking… I went to the Salvation Army because sometimes they have some fabric for sale.  Walmart near us finally started carrying fabric again so I was going to head there next.  However, I hit the jackpot at Salvation Army and scored this green and white striped fabric.  It was several yards for just $5 – far better than I would have paid at a big box store.  I was a little nervous about working with stripes but figured I would give it a shot.




I didn’t take any photos in progress so I will explain it.  The underside of this particular style chair had five screws – once I unscrewed them, it released the entire cushion.  Then I simply placed the cushion on the fabric, trying to get the stripes straight, and cut around it with approximately a three inch edge.  Then I started stapling the fabric to the underside of the cushion.  I staple one side first to anchor it, then as I stapled each additional side – I pulled tight while stapling.




Once the cushion cover is all stapled on, I put it back on the chair and screw it back down.  It takes a bit of time but it is a pretty easy project with amazing results.




Now if I could just fix all the other furniture she broke… I can’t wait for yard sales to start…



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