Two Toned Wooden Watch With Maple and Sandalwood #TTOG

Two Toned Wooden Watch w Maple and Sandalwood


I have wanted a wooden watch for a really long time.  This is a men’s watch but large watches for women are back “in style” and this is perfect!  This is a two toned wooden watch made of maple and sandalwood.




This watch is an analog watch with contrasting maple wood and sandalwood.  No two watches are the same.  The box is a really gorgeous box designed to last a lifetime.





The watch face is a nice large size (normal size for a man but a large size for a woman) at 50mm.  The hands have quartz movement and it is battery powered.  The clasp is stainless steel.





I do need to have it sized and since I don’t know how to do it, I will be taking it to a jeweler – it takes them minutes to make the adjustment.




This is designed in the USA – San Diego, CA.  And a portion of every purchase goes to children in need through donations to World Vision.



I couldn’t be happier with this watch – it is gorgeous, lightweight, attractive two tone colors and the face is just the right size.  I could try to size it myself but it is just as easy for me to bring it to a jeweler.


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One thought on “Two Toned Wooden Watch With Maple and Sandalwood #TTOG

  1. Deb E says:

    I’m glad large watches are back in style for women. I’ve worn large sports watches but I do have small wrists so it does look super large and the strap really overlaps. I won a wooden watch last year and since I don’t have a man in my life right now, kept it for myself. It’s so lightweight and I love it. I think wooden watches are beautiful.

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