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Making Sense of Marketing and Advertising With Diversification

Making Sense of Marketing


As a blogger there is quite a bit of marketing and advertising I need to do.  Eventually I will probably start hiring some virtual assistants to help me.  The problem is I also work full time – I just can’t do it all anymore.  My blog has gotten too large.  There is also the issue that I keep slamming up against – I need to diversify.  If I diversify then my non career work may become my career work.  But I need to plan it properly with a well thought out strategy.


My diversification strategy includes my second blog – already started, – feel free to check it out.   But I also want to write some books – 4 or 5 how to books approximately 75-100 pages each.  And then, a novel – perhaps historical fiction.  I also want to find a product line I can work with – I am not looking to create a product and get a patent.  I am looking for a product line I believe in, is helpful for my family (particularly my special needs children) and build a structure for that product or product line.




Now, I am passionate about all of those things but with the addition of all those strategies I will definitely need to engage in digital marketing with a company such as Citrex and a significant amount of outsourcing.  It is only through learning to utilize other opportunities that I will become as successful as I’d like to.  But 2016 is the year…

I also like to check out alternative promotional strategies such as promotion ideas for restaurant success!  These tips can be applicable to so much more than the restaurant niche! Open your mind and be open to other strategies.

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