Three Kitchen Tips (PLUS a BONUS Tip) You Don’t Want to Miss @Hefty #ad

Three Kitchen Tips You Don't Want To Miss


If you are like me – I am far too busy and there are too many priorities to waste time or money in the kitchen.  I have some really great ways to “save” in the kitchen.


Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags


Tip #1

Make sure to use a trash bag that is an outstanding quality bag while also being at a great price.  Do not waste money on “cheaply” made bags – I want a bag that is strong, can hold all that I need it to hold without fear of breaking.  Hefty Ultra Strong bags have great quality and a terrific new price as well as active tear resistant technology for better puncture resistance.  I can rely on Hefty and use half as many bags because I can stuff these!


Until 5/30 you can receive a $10 Gift Card via Swagbucks by purchasing two or more Hefty Trash Bags at Target!


The Right Tools To Work Faster


Tip #2


Make sure you have the right kitchen tools to work faster.  I have always dreaded cutting a watermelon or dealing with a pineapple.  Now I have this handy dandy watermelon slicing tool – takes three minutes tops to deal with an entire watermelon AND I am not using a large knife risking cutting my fingers/hands.  And pineapples – I don’t know many people who like slice through that “skin”.  But with the pineapple corer – you just screw it in and pull it out.  The result is a fully sliced and cored pineapple.


Kitchen Tools to Make Things Easier


Tip #3


Use Kitchen Tools That Make Your Life EASIER!  There is nothing special about cutting up an onion – the process involves a knife… But you need to do it really fast before you start bawling your eyes out!  There are two ways I make the job of chopping onions easier – I either wear plain old sunglasses or I wear a pair of the goggle pictured above which are specifically designed for chopping onions.  Both ideas work perfectly and the job becomes so much easier.  Every single person should keep a silicone spatula on hand – they are available at dollar stores if you can’t afford a more expensive one.  They are invaluable.  I can get every last drop out of my bowls – sometimes enough for an extra cookie or an extra muffin.  This allows me to get every last drop more easily.  When I use a regular spoon – I can’t get every last drop and it takes alot more effort to get as close to every last drop as possible.




Best Tip Ever



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