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Lumex Anti-Microbial Cooling Pad #pro2medical

Lumex Anti-Microbial Cooling Pad



I seem to always be either too hot or too cold.  Just a bit in either direction – in the winter I am too cold and in the summer, too hot.  The winter is easy to deal with – I just use a warming pad and immediate comfort!  The summer is a little more difficult since I can’t just sleep on an air conditioner…


But this Lumex Anti-Microbial Cooling Bed pad is perfect for those nights everyone else is comfortable but I am still too warm.  It is anti-microbial made from a non-toxic gel formula.  It absorbs my body’s heat away from my body and immediately cools.  It works all night long and it is just enough to keep me comfortable.




It has a soft cover and I just slip it under my sheet.  I love it so much I take it back and forth to the campground with me.  I never want to compromise my resting comfort.  It is designed to cool up to 7 degrees cooler than my skin temperature and no refrigeration is needed.  I have been known to even just sit on it in my recliner…


It is easy to use, reusable and can even be used to cool off our dog!  I can slip it into my pillowcase, under my sheet, on my chair etc… It is quite versatile and provides true comfort.

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