App Facilitates Micromanagement in Small and Large Businesses



Managing team members are exhausting at the end of the day, and managers feel they haven’t accomplished enough despite all their efforts. Sometimes, we find competitors taking the lead on things we have planned, which makes us wonder if someone in the team is sharing our plans with competitors. This is why; I decided to find “the stuff of success” that small and large businesses could use to improve. I found Xnspy Android spy app that helps make micromanagement very easy and effective.

When in Doubt, Just Check Using Android spy app




Micromanagement entails proper communication, and sometimes asking questions is the best way to keep everyone informed about protocols. However, sometimes, too many questions can be annoying and a delay in things. Sometimes, too many questions can make people feel uncomfortable and untrusted. For this, Xnspy allows you to access all emails, text messages, and internet messengers installed on the target device. Managers can issue cell phones with the app installed on them to their team members and screen the information they share using the cell phone.

Surpass Expectations




Sometimes, business owners have higher expectations from their managers. You can use the monitoring app to keep checks on the entries every team member has on the calendar and make sure they follow schedules by calling them to remind them. This makes team management very effective and keeps the different business milestones on target.

Coach Team Members about Communication Skills




Communication is the key to success. Any business has a social media management team because now a days businesses are dependent on their brand image. You can monitor the way your team uses social media like a Facebook messenger to engage followers for brand marketing. If you notice something out of the place, you can guide and train team members to improve communication skills. Likewise, you can monitor them on other internet messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and Line.

Establish a Proper Decision Making Process




In order to make sure that the team members make the best decisions to avoid unnecessary losses, you must use emails dedicated to business use like Gmail. Through proper documentation and following protocol, every team member and executives can stay informed about decisions made for the business. If lower team members ignore something that executives have concerns about, they can easily review the decision and help the management with a better suggestion. At the same time, this helps maintain transparency in the workforce.

Track Mobile Workforce




Nowadays, offering home delivery of products is a huge advantage for businesses. This is why; most of the recent businesses have a mobile workforce ready to deliver products or services. Fleet businesses are also increasing worldwide. To keep track of the mobile team in real time, businesses can use the inbuilt GPS tracker and Geofencing feature in Xnspy. Using Google Maps, it can tell where any target Android or iOS device is anywhere in the world. Geofencing tells whenever the target device checks into or out of a specific venue. This also helps track the phone if it goes missing or stolen.

Maintain Proper Customer Service




Nowadays, customer service plays an important part in any small or large business. This is why; organizations record calls to listen to what their customers have to say about their products and services. The objective of this is to help the organization improve the quality of the products and services. However, when it comes to tracking the conversations between the mobile workforce and customers while they are away from the office, there can be some dilemma. For this, the automatic call recording feature in this Xnspy Android spy app is helpful. The app automatically uploads all recorded calls onto the control panel where users can easily access it.

Monitor Mobile Usage and Browser Activity




Because efficiency at work is the key to the success of the business, employers must keep track of internet usage by employees and how much time they spend away from work indulging in personal matters during work hours. From the browser history, employers using this app can see all sites visited, including bookmarked ones. They can see how frequently the target workers visit those sites.

Block Unnecessary App Installation




To ensure that the team members remain focused on work and that they don’t engage in side activities like gambling or gaming while at work, employers can use Xnspy Android spy app. Some games are addictive and employees tend to spend more time playing games on their cell phones rather than completing the tasks assigned. Employers can remotely block unwanted apps installed on the target device. In fact, the remote access allows them to lock the device or even wipe off data in extreme cases.

This is definitely a stuff of success, and as you must know, I only recommend things I have used or that I believe are helpful for my readers, so here’s an app you must try. There are discount offers often available, and the app is available at as less as $8.33 per month. Its interface is easy to use, so try it.

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