Say Hello To The Poop Emoji!

Say Hello to the Poop Emoji


If you have touched a computer, smartphone or tablet at all – you know all about Emojis.  They have evolved into actual characters in the recent past and everyone wants one (or more)!


What is an Emoji?  It is a small digital “character” used to describe an emotion.  One look at the emoji and you know exactly what the message is.  Language is no longer a barrier – how do you misinterpret a smiley face?  A face with tears streaming down?  A face that looks really angry with wide teeth?  Emojis say it all quickly and easily.


Say Hello To The Poop Emoji!


What Emojis are your favorites?  Even with the recent changes to Facebook you can actually now “like” a post with an Emoji that best represents how that post makes you feel.  Gone are the days of only having the “like” option when in actuality you may strongly dislike the post.


Whether you are a child, tween, teen or adult – there is a certain attraction to these characters.  Do you have a favorite?   A very popular set of Emojis are the Poop Emojis!  Personally I am a huge fan of the original Poop Emoji!


Now you can get your favorite Emojis in pillow form through the Emoji Pillow Store.  They carry Smile Emoji Pillows, Monkey Emoji Pillows and Poop Emoji Pillows.


The Smile Emoji pillows are listed for $19.99 each; the Monkey pillows are $24.99 each and the Poop Emoji pillows are $21.99.


Check the Emoji Pillow Store out and buy Emoji Pillows for gifts, fun, family and friends.  What Emoji is your favorite?


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