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4 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do If You Have A Dog

4 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do If You Have A Dog

4 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do If You Have A Dog


If you have a canine companion as part of your family, then you know how much joy and happiness a dog can bring. The warm welcome of a dog every time you come home, and time playing together in the backyard is really like nothing else. As much as they look after you, it’s important to take very good care of your dog in all aspects, from food to healthcare to grooming. Keep in mind these 4 things you probably shouldn’t do if you have a dog.


4 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do If You Have A Dog


Let it sleep with you


When you first bring your dog home you may have the best intentions of setting it up in a cosy, safe bed in a room other than your bedroom. But this new loneliness may leave your pup whining and crying into the night, leading you to give in to its begging to sleep in your own bed. However this can be the beginning of a habit that can become very difficult to break. In fact research has shown that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium-sized dogs and 32% of large dogs sleep with their owners, so it’s an all too familiar scenario.


In some cases you may be able to get away with it, but if you suffer from pet allergies you should never sleep with your dog and you should limit or prevent your dog from entering the bedroom at all. Then there are the insomniacs. If you have trouble sleeping at night and your dog sleeps in your bed, then your furry friend should be one of the first places you look for a solution. He or she may be moving or scratching all night, keeping you awake, so trial some time with the pooch out of the bed and see if it helps.


4 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do If You Have A Dog


Give it a soppy name


This is one that will affect you more than the dog! While your terribly soppy dog’s name may seem perfect and cute when he or she is a little puppy, it might become rather embarrassing and ill-fitting when they become full grown adults! Keep in mind that you will have to call this name out regularly at your home, or in the park, or when you’re walking down the street with your dog, so don’t make it too embarrassing.


While your pooch will probably be none the wiser, it may become more humiliating for you so best to avoid those really soppy names. A great pet name is one that is fun, or meaningful or both! It can certainly be a ‘human’ name like ‘Olivia’ or it can be something really different and creative like ‘Clover’ or even ‘Guinness’!


4 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do If You Have A Dog


Walk it on a treadmill


Conventional treadmills were not made for dogs, and you certainly shouldn’t try to walk your dog on a treadmill. This tip is especially valid if one of the reasons you decided to have a dog was to have a walking companion! Dogs should be regularly walked or allowed to play outside. The degree to which they need this exercise can depend on their size and their breed, with some breeds needing more activity than others. The best way to get this activity is to take your dog for a walk, or allow them to run in the yard – better yet play in the yard with your dog for some exercise for yourself!


Walking a dog on a treadmill can be dangerous and harmful for your dog if the dog is not trained to use a treadmill and you are not educated on how to use a treadmill for a dog. This is particularly true for large dogs, as many treadmills are too small for them. It’s best to leave the treadmill for the humans to exercise on, and let your dogs play outdoors, or, if you really want to go down the treadmill route, buy a specialist dog treadmill for them.


4 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do If You Have A Dog


Strip it of its dignity via questionable clothing


It may look cute to see a puppy in a themed costume or a dog in human clothing, but dressing your dog in unnecessary clothing can be bad for its health and can even lead to misbehaviour. With the exception of a very few breeds of short haired dogs such as greyhounds or dogs bred for warmer weather, there is no need for dogs to wear clothing, even in cold winter weather. Clothing on dogs can not only make them look silly, it can also interfere with their natural heat regulation ability.


Dogs are intelligent animals and are aware of what is happening around them, and that includes being laughed at for wearing questionable clothing. Dogs that are humiliated and not treated as dogs can often become unruly and naughty pets as well. It’s best to respect your dog as a dog, and respect their natural coat, rather than adding one of your own.

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