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Time To Make Changes For ME! #PersonalTrainerFood

 Time To Make Changes For ME! #PersonalTrainerFood This is so exciting!


As a mom of special needs children I find that often (most often) I don’t pay attention to my needs nearly as much as I should because I am so focused on theirs. Well, it is time to change that extreme focus for a while.


For their entire lives (and we have kids from 11 through 29 – so it has been a lifetime I assure you) I have done everything I can to make their disabilities manageable and make them successful.  That has been a particular challenge with the youngest two.  Six months ago we made some real progress helping our 16 year old son to be more productive and he has been doing very well.  There have been a couple setbacks but nothing too major.  The last two months have gotten our daughter more under control.  Both have changed schools and are being much more successful.


Now it is time for me to focus on me – even if just a little bit.  In May we bought a horse for our daughter and in August we bought two more horses.  The plan was so my husband or I could ride with the kids.  The newest horses have been a bit of a challenge but we are finally to the point where I am going to TRY to get on one and ride him.  They are gorgeous but too expensive to keep just to look at.


 Time To Make Changes For ME! #PersonalTrainerFood This is so exciting!


In addition to having a goal to ride – which incidentally is a goal to enter some Hunter Pace events next year with my daughter.  We will be a team.  My second goal is to lose weight.  I work really hard at the barn and burn a ton of calories but I haven’t done anything on the nutrition side.  In fact because we are always on the road or at the barn – nutrition has totally taken a back seat.  We end up eating fast food far too often – the result being, even though I do alot of hard work, I still don’t lose weight.


That all changes today with Personal Trainer Food!  I have done weight loss plans before but I can’t stand the processed food and I find myself totally turned off.  I need real food – and a chef!  Personal Trainer Food is real food – protein and vegetables.  No fancy gravies or carbs – exactly how I want to eat but already prepared for me.  All I need to do is warm it up and voila!


My first shipment arrived yesterday.  The box was huge and the food was all perfectly stored and frozen while I waited for it to arrive – a full 28 days worth of food.  As I go through this process I will share many updates with you.
There are several meal plans that are available:

REV!TM Plan for rapid weight loss for women – 3 meals per day

2 Meals Per Day

3 Meals Per Day

You Choose – 140 items

RECONTM Men’s Program includingDouble Protein


I have signed up for the REV!TM Plan and I am thrilled.  This plan is an extreme fat burn and accelerated weight loss plan. Includes daily email support, weekly weight loss calls, 1-on-1 weight loss coaching, water bottle, tape measure, and lunch kit.  There are no calories to count – simply follow the plan.  I can add in foods that are allowable such as protein, leafy greens and non starchy vegetables.  Best of all – they encourage us to not get on that dreaded scale.  I will probably step on after 28 days just to see but definitely not a daily activity.  The plan also encourages persons to follow a 24 to 48 day clear liquid fast as sort of a kick start to the diet.  I am a firm believer in periodic fasts – they are very beneficial for so many reasons and I have incorporated periodic fasts into my life already so this is not really a huge deal.


 Time To Make Changes For ME! #PersonalTrainerFood This is so exciting!


So today is the day I start making changes for ME!


If you’d like to join me using Personal Trainer Food – you can right now with coupon code HEALTHYFOOD and you will receive a $100 OFF!

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