Learning To Read Is Fun With Wonster Words



I think back to when I was learning to read many many years ago.  I still remember the black and white landscape books with a tiny bit of color – See Jack Run… Or the old “Fun With Dick and Jane” books.  I almost wonder how we learned to read – I suppose that’s why many didn’t learn.




The world is a very different place now and there are so many fun ways to engage emerging readers and keep their interest piqued and have them enjoying reading from the earliest of ages.




Wonster Words is a great app to make everything engaging and fun.




Wonster Words helps children learn from even the most basic level of ABC’s.  Your children can have fun expanding their vocabulary as well as learning phonics.  There are letter ghosts and fun wonsters.




Children learn to read through phonics, consonant blends, word families, diphthongs, digraphs and more.  There are puzzles, letter hide-and-seek and so many other fun games.




After each activity there is something fun that happens with the animation.




For example if your child chooses HAIRCUT – once they spell the word and complete the task there is a cute scene with everyone getting fun haircuts.




This helps to reinforce the meaning of the word they just learned.  The learning process is followed through.




Wonster Words has won numerous awards, including Children’s Technology Review, Parent’s Choice, NAPPA, and others. It comes with many free words, along with FREE daily “words of the day”! More words are available through parent-gated in-app-purchase. With monthly update more words are becoming available all the time! Give Wonster Words a try today.


There is an awesome Google promotion coming up from 12/28-1/6.  An All Access Pass for Wonster Words will be discounted from $14.99 to $9.99 on Google Play.


Available on IOS, Android, Amazon


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4 thoughts on “Learning To Read Is Fun With Wonster Words

  1. Dakhm says:

    This learning system is super helpful for children. Kids always love to learn with fun. So it will be helpful to them. We can get this type of instrument in an e-commerce store.

  2. squalidlikeable says:

    It’s free, and it comes with a ton of words, plus FREE “word of the day” updates every day! More vocabulary may be purchased behind a driving directions parental fence. More and more terms are being added with each monthly release. Try out Wonster Words right now.

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