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Successful Blogging and Loving It!


I get asked blogging questions all the time.  At the top of the list of questions is always – so what is a blog?  But once I start describing what a blog is then the questions either flood in OR the person walks away totally confused by what they were just told.  If they have questions – I will give them all the time they are looking for with my answers.



They are always intrigued by my ability to blog almost anywhere.  Then they are amazed that blogging can take me almost anywhere – there is always something to blog about, no matter where I go.  For example – I just made a trip to Orlando to see my father.  The trip held so many opportunities while I was there – conferences, restaurants, events, programs, concerts and more.  All of it is part of my blogging “job”.  Yes people often think my job is fun and exciting but they forget that it is also just as much work as any 9 to 5 job.


Most often though people want to know how I make money – that is by far the most difficult question to answer.  Blogging evolves like almost everything and how I made money six months ago may not be how I make money now – in fact as I type this I can tell you how I made money last month is not how I make money this month.


My tips that seem to be timeless and help me to be successful no matter what Facebook is doing, or Amazon or any other third party.


  1. Write about what you love – be passionate and thoughtful.  If you love horses – then write about horses.  If you love cooking – then cook; travel – the world is your office!
  2. Speak with a natural voice – be yourself.  There is a reason your readers will stick with you.  They will want to get to know you.  They will want to feel like they are looking directly into your world.  You will need to write as naturally as you can.  If sarcasm is a part of your personality – incorporate it into your writing.
  3. Be consistent in your writing – you don’t need to write everyday.  But if you only write once a month, readers will walk away.  If you want to write everyday – then do so; if you’d like to write 2 to 3 times per week – then do so.  Just do so – consistently.
  4. Share socially and network as much as you can – this will allow you greater exposure and exponentially
  5. Always be learning and reading – you must invest in yourself and figure out just what makes your services different and unique
  6. Optimize your SEO (search engine optimization) – you want readers to find you and see all that you have to offer
  7. Be Flexible – blogging changes often.  It feels like it changes every day.  You have to learn how to adapt and adjust.  Believe me when I tell you when a door closes – another one inevitably opens and sometimes leads to something much better than what you already had.


There you have it – my formula for blogging success.




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