Easiest Dessert Ever and a Definite Crowd Pleaser – @KraftFoods


In my never ending quest to find fantastic “recipes” that are quick and delicious – often healthy but not in this case – I bring you cheesecake desserts.


I wouldn’t call this a recipe since it is just two ingredients but feel free to consider me a chef – it won’t bother me at all.


So you need little cups… Is that an ingredient?  We use these 5 ounce clear plastics cups with covers.  We use them for everything we can.  They are the perfect size for all kinds of treats and snacks.



Then you need to stop at your local Walmart and pick up a tub of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cheesecake Filling – What an amazing creation.  Makes life so much more fun.

Lastly – pick up a can of some sort of pie filling.  We always choose blueberry – it’s our favorite for sure.  Fill the cups, cover and eat as many as you want!  OR – hide them in the produce draw in the fridge so no one else finds them and you can have them all to yourself.  Whatever your pleasure is…




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