Create Special Vacation Memories With TurboMosaic

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Don’t you just love those expensive prints you can find in some art stores – with a feature image and then hundreds or thousands of other images being used to re-create the image as a mosaic image?  Some of them are so incredibly elaborate you just want to walk up to them with a magnifying glass and check out every single image.  It is simply amazing how the images are perfectly placed to create an entirely new image.


TurboMosaic has the exact software you need in order to create these on your own.  I recently purchased this software and I have used it for wedding photos, vacation photos and Christmas family photos.  I have no doubt this will be something I use alot.  And the price is very affordable while it is also available for a PC or a MAC.  TurboMosaic is a photomosaic software that lets you make the most amazing picture mosaics with very little effort.


This software really is easy as can be as long as you have a “bunch” of images to create your masterpiece.  But don’t worry if you don’t – the software even allows you the opportunity to use photos they have on file – all you absolutely need is your master photo.


Three editions are available – Home, Advanced and Professional.  The difference between the three is really tied to the purpose of the end product.

  • Home – Make images for personal use (non-business, non-commercial use)
  • Advanced – Make images for your personal, business, or organization use (can’t make images for clients or third parties)
  • Professional – Make images for your personal, business, or organization use. Make images for clients or third parties


Create Special Vacation Memories With Turbo Mosaic


The software main page is extremely easy to use.  See the photo above.  You can easily leave everything at the defaults or you can specify so many options.  So many sizes to choose from or you can even create a custom size and choose landscape or portrait.  Then you select your mosaic features – these are a great deal of fun to play around with and see the impact to your masterpiece.    Add your main picture – I tend to do that first then play around with the other features.  Each of these three actions takes a few minutes – Adding tile pictures, generating the mosaic, and exporting (saving).


Create Special Vacation Memories With Turbo Mosaic


The art I created was from my recent trip to Disney – You can see an assortment of images above where I zoom in on a section of the final picture.  An awesome feature of this software is the ability to do cells in the following shapes:  rectangle, hexagon and circle.


Create Special Vacation Memories With Turbo Mosaic


In the image above you can also see that I made the size of the rectangle cells larger.  There are so many options to choose from and the price for this software is completely affordable.


Create Special Vacation Memories With Turbo Mosaic


Results can be achieved even under circumstances that are less than ideal.  The above photo is a photo of my husband and I from Christmas.  The full family gathered together for portraits and we all used the same exact background.  Even with the lack of scenery changes – Turbo Mosaic was still able to create a gift ready portrait!


TurboMosaic is an easy program to use and incredible gifts can be created in a matter of minutes.  Check it out – you can even download it for free first!


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