Listen Up! 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Time…



Now is the time to join me for a 60 day weight loss challenge.  I recently ordered the Zija Weight Management system program and this would be a great opportunity for like minded individuals to work towards that goal together.




See details here…




There is the option to use the XMam and XMpm or the XMburn.  At this time I have opted for the XMam and XMpm – for no reason other than I needed to pick one or the other.  I also purchased the Trim and Tone Ameo essential oil and the Ripstix Hydrate.


Change the way you look at things

And the things you look at, change!


This will not be a starve yourself type of diet.  Eat sensibly and follow this plan and success is achievable!  Changing the way you look at weight loss to looking at it as becoming healthy and well – will make the idea of a “diet” change to something much more achievable.


To begin fill out this form and I will send you an invitation to the Facebook Group as well as the list of products needed in order to participate in the challenge.

Interest Form


Right now you can join Zija for $40 and not only will you receive many Zija samples to get you started but you will also receive 10 codes to position you as a business owner!  You will also be able to purchase ZM3 at a 25% discount if you’d like.



Fill out the form and we can get you started along your weight loss journey.  I am also participating in the weight loss challenge and am totally looking forward to reaching some goals before the summer season!

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