Snacking With Moore’s Marinade and Sauces


About Moore’s Marinades and Sauces

It all began over thirty years ago in the small Alabama town of Jasper with a family-owned steakhouse and homegrown good flavor.  There, Moore’s Original Marinade was created and soon became a staple in the town for its delightful, hickory taste.  From the start, their flavor defined not only food, but family. This recipe was the Moore’s family’s shining achievement and was so sought after, that they eventually began to sell it in Styrofoam cups to the steakhouse regulars.

Since then, they’ve upgraded from Styrofoam cups and expanded their taste buds, bringing you and yours mouthwatering favorites like their award winning Moore’s Buffalo Wing Sauce.



I was sent Moore’s Original Buffalo Wing Sauce to try out.  It is quite tangy and I would classify it as warm.  Of course I can’t handle really hot flavors – my husband and sons can but me, even if it is mild I consider it about as hot as I can handle.  So to most people this would probably be considered mild.



I am not a fan of wings – never have been for whatever reason.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like the flavor though – I just don’t like the texture of eating wings.  This allows me to enjoy the wings flavor without actual wings.



Since I don’t eat wings – I simply laid chicken tenderloins out in a 9×9 baking pan.  My daughter brushed the marinade all over.  I baked at 350 til I was sure the chicken was done (approx 25 minutes).



You can find all their great flavors at Moore’s Marinade.  Flavors include:  Original, Zesty Garden Herb, Teriyaki, Original Buffalo Wing, Spicy Habanero Wing and Hot Sauce, Creamy Ranch Buffalo, Blue Cheese Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Asian Teriyaki Wing Sauce.



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