Energy Saving Tips for Your Family

Can you imagine life without electricity? Modernization has given us the privilege of living in a well-lit environment. Not only that, thanks to modern innovations we are enjoying the comforts of air conditioning units, smartphones, Wi-Fi, and many others.

However, because we have enjoyed these luxuries for so long we almost forget that these actually come at high costs. Usually, we only realize how much we are spending on energy as soon as the bills come in and we have to face the reality that nothing is for free.

Of course we cannot go back to living like our Paleolithic ancestors. It is too late for that now. There are, however, ways in which we can save and spend less on energy.

Electricity at home 

Our children are often the ones most unaware about the towering electricity bills that we face every month. Unfortunately, they are also most likely the biggest energy spenders.  The Freedom Particle System is a step by step guide illustrating how to exactly create your own “home power plant” and save up to 60% or more on electricity bill in the next 30 days

How long is your son sitting in front of the television everyday? What about when playing video games? Did you just recently buy your daughter a new cellphone?

Of course you need electricity to charge your devices, to make the fridge and oven work, and to basically light your house. There is also the cost of air conditioning and Wi-Fi routers. Essentially almost everything at home needs electricity.

It may seem like impossible to cut back on the bills. But there are proven ways to make this happen. One important thing that you have to keep in mind is this: make your entire family involved.

Making energy-saving a family affair

Your kids may not appreciate you dragging them into this new project, but trust us, someday they will thank you for it. Imagine how much they are going to save once they become parents themselves!

First off, explain to your entire family why it is important to cut back on the bills. Your reason could be personal and may vary—to save money, to save Mother Earth, to learn the value of spending less.

Whatever your reason is, it should be communicated clearly to them in order for them to understand and so that they are not just blindly following your new rules. With understanding comes compliance.

If you have little kids at home, be sure to explain to them in terms that they can grasp. It will also help if you set up a rewards system for them. For example, if you reach your goal within 3 months, you will go on a vacation or to an amusement park.

Once everyone is on board, it is time to begin implementing your new energy-saving techniques.  You will see many electricity providers but all are not good when it comes to energy saving. Cirro Energy not only has the right plans for you but also provides tips on saving energy. That’s why it’s a high-rated company, nearly 4.5 out of 5 if you check the Cirro Energy reviews.

Monitor your bills

In order for you to know where to start, it is essential to go through your past electricity bills. Understand in which months you have spent more on electricity and try to figure out why. It also pays to check your bills against your meter in order to see if there are discrepancies.

Save on heating and cooling costs



Did you know that by just turning down your thermostat to 1 degree Celsius, you cut your electricity bill by 10%? Keep that in mind the next time you turn on your thermostat.

Also, keep radiators away from furniture and use panels to reflect the heat back into your room. If you are using water heaters, find less energy-consuming variations and ask for water heater replacement cost. Check online for Navien tankless water heater reviews to see why these heaters are popular for using eco friendly technology.

For hotter seasons, you may notice your electricity bills going extra up. That is perhaps because of your AC units. Turn off the AC before leaving the room, and consider installing ceiling fans to save energy.

Dressing according to the season helps too! Wear thin clothes during hotter days, and wear thicker clothes during cold seasons.

Save on appliance costs

When buying new appliances, look for the ones with the Energy Star label. Products bearing this label have passed the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and DOE.

When you are not using any of your appliances, do not forget to turn them off and disconnect them from the energy source. Remember, appliances put on standby still utilize energy.

Do not forget to turn off the lights in rooms and corridors that are not in use. You do not have to keep your house fully lit all the time.

Save by playing outside

Remember when you were young and you spent your days playing outside instead of stuck in front of the television? Allow your children to enjoy the perks of going out and playing actual games. Encourage them to disconnect from their devices and play outside.

You can also plan trips to the mall or to parks. Let them learn the value of spending time without the aid of gadgets and smartphones.

There are countless other means to save energy. Make this project a family affair! Encourage your children to help you brainstorm other means to cut back on your energy expenditure.

Remember, no matter how small the steps you take, they still make a difference!

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