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Make A Difference: Become a Health Administrator


It is time you take control of your health. The cost of healthcare is forecast to continue to rise in the foreseeable future. The best way to guard your health is to make life choices that support overall health. A holistic approach to your health involves changing the way you eat, drink, move and interact with your environment. It looks at the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. Many things influence our health and it is our job to look beyond the symptoms and get to the root of the problems we are facing.


Holistic Healing


Holistic medicine considers the whole person. It focuses as much on well-being as simple health. Our well-being relies on more than just what is going on physically in our bodies, it also relies on what is going on psychologically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Our environment can play a big role in our health. Holistic medicine does address symptoms, just not exclusively. Physicians begin to look for the story behind the symptoms. Although holistic medicine allows for a wider range of treatment approaches used together, it is not relegated exclusively to alternative medicine. It incorporates conventional medicine as part of the approach to healing. Nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, prayer, meditation and acupuncture may also be part of the approach where necessary.


History of Holistic Medicine


The history of holistic medicine dates back to Hippocrates. Percival even published a book that stated that the feelings and emotions of a patient are just as relevant as the symptoms of their diseases. Holistic medicine is more associated with medical practices of the East. Ancient countries such as China and Japan view the mind and body as coming from the same energy source where western countries view the mind and body as a split.


Studying for Change


As a student of health administration, you have the power to encourage a more holistic approach to medicine. Health administrators are involved in the management of hospitals and other health service organizations. They may also be involved in public health infrastructure. That is a lot of influence. You can change the face of medicine by encouraging a holistic approach. Combine the art and science of medicine with a holistic approach.


Healthcare administrators plan, coordinate and supervise the functions of a healthcare facility. Opportunities abound in almost any caregiving setting. As an administrator, you should constantly strive to improve healthcare services at your facility. Yes, the doctors and nurses are working more directly with patients, diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medications. As the administrator, you can develop policies that encourage a more holistic approach.


Holistic medicine has a foundation in compassion, harmlessness and service. The idea is to truly heal people, to improve their quality of life. By setting a standard of well-being for patients, doctors and nurses are encouraged to treat not only the symptoms the patient is presenting but also any underlying causes that might be present. A mingling of western style medicine and eastern style medicine is indeed an art and an art worth exploring.


Many schools offer executive masters in health administration programs. By pursuing an advanced degree in health administration, you are preparing yourself for a career in a field where you can make a real difference. The University of Southern California’s program sets out to prepare students to shape the future of healthcare. Learn more about their executive mha program and see if it is right for you.


As a student of health administration, you are in a unique role to influence the direction of healthcare. A holistic approach to medicine focus on treating the whole of the person instead of attempting to treat symptoms alone. Take a role in shaping medicine into an open-minded practice that looks beyond one field of medicine and attempts to get at the heart of a patient’s well-being.

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