TShirt Scarf Project

One of the easiest ways to make a circular scarf is through tshirts – those without designs on them.  You can make them any color, combine colors, wider scarfs, narrower scarfs, multiple layered scarfs etc…


This particular one is actually two strips of the same color with staggered lengths. 

To make one of these scarfs you just need a tshirt – any color you want – without any type of print on it.  You cut off the bottom sewn hem (don’t throw that away – there is a use for everything).  Then (in this picture I used a man’s 2X size shirt – I will tell you why in a minute)  out of the body of the shirt you cut strips – these strips were about 4 inches wide, if you want narrower scarfs simply cut narrower strips.

But, that won’t look like a scarf yet.  Have one person grab one end of the strip you just cut (hands holding the inside of the circle) and you grab the other – and you each pull, stretching the strip.  As you stretch it the unsewn edges will turn in on themselves creating a tube like look.  In the photo, I was wearing two of them, each one looped around my neck twice.

For my daughter, I took the hems of three different colored tshirts and braided them together and sewing the ends together so they don’t unravel but I could have just tied them in a knot just as easily.

I also did the same process with the sleeves as I did for the body of the shirt – cut the sleeves into strips, stretch them and voila – my daughter now has scarves.  The trick to the sleeves is there is a seam and you can’t pull too hard to stretch or the seam will rip.  Then you put a pin on the scarf (or scarves) to hide the seam when wearing (for the scarves made from sleeves).

And of course the hem part of the sleeves are not wasted either – you cut at the seam and braid them together for bracelets for my son. 

Three tshirts net multiple colors, sizes and layers for me for scarves; multiple colors, sizes and layers for my daughter for scarves; a braided scarf for my daughter; and a braided bracelet for each my daughter and son.

Not bad for a days work…

5 thoughts on “TShirt Scarf Project

  1. Elle Bee says:

    I wish I was creative enough to come up with something like this. I’m horrible at DIY crafts but we still try 🙂 Way to go with upcycling a t-shirt!

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