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Is Your Garden Ready for Summer Entertaining

As we edge closer to summer and all the outdoor events this season offers, it’s time to peek outside to see if your outdoor space is looking up to the challenge. Do you see a garden that is ready for the sunshine and inviting to visitors? If not you need to start with redbud soil supply to make sure everything is considered.  Or do you see a space that’s in need of some serious attention?

Now is the time to get your hands dirty so you can be ready for BBQs, house parties and lazy weekends at home, soaking up the sunshine.

Spring cleaning the garden

It’s time to be ruthless. Nothing should be in your outdoor area other than the furniture you wish to keep – say goodbye to the questionable plastic patio table and chairs, au revoir to the dusty broken parasols, and sayonara to old swings and seesaws in summer houses.

If you have a shed, be sure to get your hands dirty on this too. The shed should be used as a functional space to store the garden essentials – lawnmower, trimmer, spare pots, compost and the odd bike – not another space to stuff the items you haven’t had time to sort through! We’ve all done it…

Think about the space you have and how this can be used better. Even the smallest of gardens can be turned into the stylish extra room you never knew you had. You must get to know everything about she sheds.

Now comes the fun part, you get to go shopping for some new furniture! Get inspired by Pinterest boards such as this one.

Green Grass?

Is your lawn looking thirsty, tired and lacking in color? Give your greenery (maybe not so green at the minute) a boost with a good trim and a generous watering. Your grass will thank you for it with beautiful color and a lovely texture. It will take some time to get back to a luscious green lawn, but start now and you can be ready for parties-galore by summer.

Keep the watering up by investing in a sprinkler system. Groom and Style has a list of the best sprinklers to get you off on the right path. Plus, they provide the best entertainment for bored children on hot days – just think oscillating sprinklers and the little ones dancing about in the water.

The rhythmic sequence of water will almost make you believe that you’re at the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.

Ready for All Weathers

Chilly summer nights or a random change in weather can lead to your guests feeling cold. This can cut a gathering short unless you have some provisions up your sleeves. Simple items such as spare socks (the cozier the better) and gloves are a great idea, as well as baskets full of throws for people to delve into if needed.

You can also invest in some outdoor heaters, including a fire pit – excellent for that camp fireside feeling – or some stand heaters in the main seating areas. Etsy has some excellent choices for unusual ‘hot’ additions to your outdoor furniture!

Having a central point for everyone to gather around is excellent party etiquette, bringing together everyone and helping conversation and mingling. A fire pit is the perfect purchase for this.

A Technicolor Garden

The flower choices you make are crucial to how your garden will be received by guests. Bright colors dotted about will draw the eye to every corner of your garden, providing a beautiful backdrop to your entertaining as well as providing conversation starters and the opportunity for your guests to wander around (drink in hand) admiring each variety!

Here is a list of some truly breath-taking flowers to brighten up your garden:

  • Hyacinths
  • Irises
  • Sunflowers
  • Tulips
  • Cyclamens
  • Pansies

Even if you have no grass to work with, these flowers will look just as impressive in pots dotted around the place. Succulents are also all the rage at the minute, so get collecting some fine specimens to throw into the mix – especially if you have a little sun trap for a garden.

In terms of entertainment-friendly furniture, there’s some great options out there. Reuse an old cabinet by placing it in a prominent position in the garden and filling it with drinks and mixers. It will act as a drinks station and place to mingle.

A wheelbarrow can act as a rustic looking ice bucket for beers, while extra seating can be found through some clever upcycling with an old tire and some rope. This tutorial from Handimania will help you to boss this DIY challenge.

A little hard work now can turn your garden into a space you’ll want to show off – bring on the drinks and nibbles!



  • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    I love this article because my hubby & I have the family over for family BBQ’s & swimming all the time! We began our pressure cleaning & buying a new grill yesterday! Thank You!

  • George

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