5 Common Myths About Lifting Weights


There are many things to consider when doing strength training. While there are many rules that you should follow, like doing the right technique, you should know that there are some beliefs about lifting weights that are not true at all.

Here are some of the common ones.  Read through them to make sure that you will not fall victim to these myths and that your strength training will be maximized to benefit you.

  1. Lifting weights will turn you into the Hulk – this is one of the most common things that turn off some people when it comes to weight training. They think that as they consistently lift weights, their bodies will bulk up. This process, known as hypertrophy, may be one of the results but it is not an inevitable result. Your body will respond to how you train it, whether it is to build muscle mass or to only maintain lean muscles.
  2. The more weights and exercise you do results to a better body – don’t be too eager to build muscles by doing too much weight exercises. More often than not, it will do you more harm than good. It’s not really now much time you put in at the gym, it’s best that you come up with a training plan that will fulfill the objectives you have set for yourself. If you exert too much time and effort into lifting weights, or if you try to hasten your progress, you just might end up with a devastating injury instead.
  3. Weight lifting is bad for the joints – many are afraid that they will feel stiff and that their joints will suffer due to the toll of weightlifting, but the truth is, if done right you should not feel any pain in your joints at all. This is because the synovial fluid in the joint is produced in more amounts when exercise is done properly.
  4. You need to join a gym and use machines to lift weights – while it’s true that joining a gym will give you access to barbells and other machines for weight lifting, there are many ways to do strength training without spending too much cash on a gym membership. Do your research and see other ways that you can do strength training. There may be items in your home that you can use as equipment.
  5. You don’t need to wear a weightlifting belt – there may be those who say that this is not necessary, but you need to know the importance of wearing a weightlifting belt. Whether you are only starting, or if you want to take your strength training to another level, weightlifting belts will always prove to be helpful. They provide your spine with the much-needed support as the barbells and weights will put too much pressure on it.

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