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It is refreshing to notice how many natural product options are now available when it comes to personal care items and cosmetics. I think the increased diversity of product really reflects a growing demand among shoppers young and old; budding consumers and their parents want to feel like the products they use to cleanse and beautify are safe and free of harsh chemicals. Luckily, the kid-conscious beauty experts at Rock the Locks are happy to oblige. They have introduced a line of professional-quality grooming goods for young people that are not only luxurious but also appealing to different user sensibilities like ecology, natural living, and cruelty-free consumption. It’s grooming without any guilt attached!



Each nourishing product starts with elements we can all identify and feel good about: fragrant fruit extracts and essential oils from plants. Finally, we can choose products that don’t smell like noxious chemicals. The Lock It and Rock It hairspray, for instance, is a water-based formula that will not make hair brittle with repeated use. Instead, you can opt for a fruity styling spritz and have humidity-resistant hold without that “crunchy hair” feeling. There are no parabens or phthalates to contend with either, only enhancing ingredients for your little one’s beautiful, unprocessed tresses. I personally like the idea of avoiding these chemicals because of the possible health risks associated with exposure to these powerful compounds. Better safe than sorry!



The So Fresh & So Clean shampoo and conditioner by Rock the Locks has a brilliant berry fragrance that would leave anyone feeling awakened and refreshed (and possibly craving a fruit salad!). There are eight fruit extracts fortifying this yummy smelling plant-based complex. Besides that selling point, another natural benefit with this hair care staple is the lack of sulfates in the formula. While sulfates help create the delightfully sudsy lather we all associate with getting clean, they do not do any favors for the overall health of hair or the environment, for that matter. I am more than willing to avoid products containing sulfates when I can.



If you are interested in giving your family more natural beauty alternatives, the Rocks the Locks hair care line has anything you are looking for in the way of styling essentials. Go natural and see how your hair responds. It may lead to a personal beauty breakthrough.


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