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Plumbing Fixes You Can Do – Save Money! #RotoRooter

Plumbing systems can be finicky. If something goes awry with the waterworks, you need a fast fix and few of us have a willing plumber on call. Who could afford that anyways? This is why it really helps to have some go-to plumbing fix solutions under the sink in case of an emergency. But to practice plumbing, you will need a license. Check the license requirements for plumbers by state here at this page.

Hair clogs are a common occurrence in my household. No matter how diligently I work to keep stray hairs from swirling down the shower drain, a backup starts to become noticeable at least once or twice a year. Luckily, the Roto-Rooter clog solvent made specifically for hair eliminates the problem in all of 10 minutes! In the time it would take you to get a plumber on the phone, you can simply pour about a quarter of the bottle of hair clog remover down the offending drain and allow it to do its work. One bottle should be enough to tackle numerous clogs, and you’ll be solving those problems for a mere fraction of the price you’d pay for several plumber visits.



The Roto-Rooter septic tank treatment is another money-saving product that some homeowners may want to consider having on hand. It is a far better strategy to maintain your septic system properly with regular attention than to let get to overflowing with sludge.  Using a Roto-Rooter solution for tank maintenance can ensure those important bacterial decomposition processes happening in there keep breaking down all the waste from your household. Otherwise, you could end up with a very costly mess in the septic system’s drainage field. These systems do need to be professionally pumped every few years, but doing the overall system upkeep on your own with the help of a Roto-Rooter product is extremely cost effective.



We all know that plumbing messes can be dirty business. To avoid stinky situations, pour a little Roto-Rooter to keep things flowing freely. You’ll save money in the long run by using their professional products for your household needs.

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