How To Turn Your Cell Phone Into a DSLR


I have quite a few cameras.  Most people do.  However, the DSLR, compact cameras, video cameras etc… are all well and good but the fact is the most used camera in my life and probably also in yours is my cell phone camera.

I have my cell phone with me at all times – two cell phones actually.  Whether I am camping, hiking, biking, boating or even horseback riding.

So often though I cannot get close enough to something I want to take a photo of.  Either I am not fast enough or any movement by me will disturb whatever it is I am trying to get a photo of.



Check out this amazing smartphone telescope – it allows a photo to be up to 12x closer than a normal cell phone photo.  When you use the cell phone telephoto feature the quality of the image degrades greatly.  With this telephoto/telescope lens the quality remains quite true.  If you look at the image I provided (cat in the yard) – in the normal cell phone image you can’t even tell there is a cat on the lawn.  With this lens you can see the cat very clearly.

Where can you get one?  On Amazon and it is only $15.89 with free shipping!


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