My Experience With The MoreFit Slim Activity Tracker


I have a significant amount of experience with activity trackers.  I have tried all the big ones – Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Polar as well as many other brands.  They all have features I love but they also all lack something I want.  The world of activity trackers is getting closer and closer to meeting all my needs – and I am sure I am not the only one.  More importantly – they are not cost prohibitive anymore and the big names are not the only products on the market.  There are many that are up and coming brands that offer significant competition.

Welcome to the MoreFit Slim Activity Tracker !  I will start by saying from a fashion standpoint it is very practical.  It is a slim design – not bulky and fits very comfortably.  There are several different color options and I have the purple – though it really is more like a fuscia.

The activity tracker does sync with an app on your phone.  You can set your tracker to display horizontally or vertically – I set mine for a vertical display. The main screen displays a battery charge level (great so I don’t have to guess when I need to charge it), the day, date and time.


You set the number of steps you’d like as a goal each day.  My goal is 10,000 steps and you can see with a visual display of dots as well as with a numerical value that I came up a little short on this particular day.

There is a steps to distance conversion – for me that equated to approximately 3.62 miles.

Another screen shows the number of minutes of consecutive activity – for me that amounted to 161 minutes.  That is pretty easy to achieve each day at the barn with three horses to take care of.

And for this particular day – I burned 585 calories.

The app is very easy to understand and very comprehensive.  Charging is easy – I have a youtube video below to show you just how easy.


I do love this activity tracker – it is comfortable and fashionable.  Areas that I think could be improved – better water resistance and a band that stays on a little better.  I have had the band unclasp a few times as well as where the band snaps onto the tracker – it separated.  Now I am very busy with horses and at the barn so it gets bumped alot – for me I am pretty rough on it.  Haven’t lost it yet though!

Best of all – this activity tracker is completely affordable at a price of just $25.95 on Amazon.  I can even order the full line of band colors so I can have a different band for each wardrobe!

I received payment, product(s) or services in exchange for an honest opinion.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or I believe would be helpful for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  Your experience with the product(s) or service(s) may differ from mine.

One thought on “My Experience With The MoreFit Slim Activity Tracker

  1. Adam Duncan says:

    Great post!
    I tried my Fitbit Flex recently and am in the market for a new tracker. My needs are minimal – distance walked, calories, sleep, etc. Don’t need HR, watch, etc. I would like to see a comparison of the trackers that don’t have HR include the new ones hitting the market like the Fitbit Alta & Misfit Ray.

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