Sugru Mouldable Glue To The Rescue


Sugru Mouldable Glue is a really cool and amazing product.  You can do crafts with it, create “stuff”, modify, personalize and repair!  I was sent two packages to review – Create and Craft as well as Organise Small Spaces.  I used some to repair – a repair we definitely needed and asap.

When you own horses – something always needs to be repaired or you can buy new.  But why buy new when most of the item is perfectly acceptable.  We learn early on to improvise as much as possible or your pockets will be emptied very quickly.  Here is one of my big guys – right now there are four but there are at least 65 or so at the barn.



So this week’s issue was a water trough broke – right near the plug hole.  It wasn’t an easy place to fix and ordinarily we would have no choice but to throw the water trough out and resort to purchasing another.



The broken area is about 4 inches long.  Each Sugru package had four different color packets with a tiny piece of mouldable glue – about the size of a stick of gum.  I needed to use two pieces to put it all together – that is why it is two different colors.



I did a cleaning of the area to be repaired and spread it as evenly as I could after pushing the broken sections back into place.  The trick was to fix the broken area while not taking up any space in the plug hole – we still needed a plug to fit in the hole for adequate draining.



As you see it doesn’t really look any different when it is dry than when it was wet.  If I didn’t know that it was cured – it would look like a toy…

What exactly is Sugru? Sugru is made from a product called Formerol, which is a patented formable silicone technology that is unique in its combination of hand formability, adhesive properties and flexibility when cured. For specific industrial applications, it can be customised – hardness, density, resistivity and adhesive properties can be adjusted according to requirements.  There are thousands of uses for Sugru!

One thing is clear – we could absolutely use a couple gallons of Sugru at the barn.  All the things we could fix!  We could fix tools, tack, boots, equipment, toys (yes there are toys at the barn), hay baskets and more!  If we had gallons we could fix wheelbarrows, buckets, all the water troughs and more!  Cured Sugru is waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, UV stable and just plain tough.

Other great project ideas can be found on the Sugru website but here are just a couple to give you an idea of its versatility…

Sugru helps by adding hooks near the grill…


Sugru helps turn a regular camera into a child-proof camera!


Sugru helps to hang lights outside.


In closing – I absolutely love Sugru and see it as being bigger than just about any other product I have ever used to help with repairs or creativity.  But I really need a way to buy it in much greater bulk to meet the demands of the barn.  Hopefully that will be an option someday but in the meantime feel free to have fun with each kit option that is available.  So much fun and color to add to projects.


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