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What Does Your Perfect Car Look Like? Can Help

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So everyone wants to know how we could possibly find ourselves owning 4 horses…  Well, it seems to be what we do – when we do things, we do them in a big way.  We wanted a Weimaraner – we ended up with 4.  We start taking guitar lessons – we end up with electric, an acoustic, an electric acoustic, a bass guitar, a classical guitar, and a travel/mini guitar… See what I mean?

Why would it be any different when we need a car?  Somehow we ended up with 5 cars and we use them all.  First, we needed an economical car – PT Cruiser… Then we needed a truck – one that was powerful enough to pull an RV or horse trailer…

My husband always wanted a sporty car – here comes the charger… I wanted a car that could handle all the gear we carry with us back and forth the barn for these 4 horses but I didn’t want a van and I definitely wanted heated seats – that became the Magnum.  Lastly, we wanted a vehicle that could hold all our stuff AND pull a horse trailer or allow us to take our dogs places – well that got us to the Yukon XL.  You read that right – 5 vehicles.

With each and every vehicle we put a great deal of research into what was going to perfectly meet our needs – the perfect car.   For some of our vehicles, we were able to make a decision pretty quickly.  For others, we took forever to find that “perfect” car.  We always turn to to research any of our potential purchases.   There is so much information available in order to assist us with the decision-making process including a videos and reviews feature. This site is the most valuable resource going. If you’re planning for an EV, you should check electric cars for sale in San Diego.

We are able to find the best car at the best price to meet our needs.  This site is the most valuable resource going.  When we found the Magnum I didn’t think we would ever find a car to meet all the features I wanted.  It took a while but we definitely did.

I wanted a vehicle to carry all our “stuff” plus large enough for 5 adults.  It needed to have a Hemi engine and be able to go fast!  Fast was very important…  I definitely needed heated seats but also wanted a sunroof, backup camera, navigation system, and needed to be from this decade – that was really important.  I needed a good safety rating and leather seats but most important – it couldn’t be a van!  I am really not a van mom – give me a pickup truck or huge SUV any day.

I actually even said what I would love is a station wagon on steroids – well that just about describes my Magnum perfectly…

What does your perfect car need?  










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