Gourmet Wine Gift Basket for Every Occasion!

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A gourmet wine gift baskets comprise as a pleasing present to gift anyone. You can buy a beautiful and customized gourmet wine gift basket at easy rates as well. You can also use champagne.

The gift baskets are always a popular concept to give as a gift. And people love to receive gift hamper. Making your own basket is always easy, affordable and interesting. You can pack it with a variety of wine or champagne and inexpensive gift items from the abundance of choices around.

Here are some helpful ways for making gourmet wine gift baskets suiting your budgets. You can easily personalize each basket to your recipient.

You can add one or two bottles of wine (expensive or inexpensive depending on your budget). You can save money on wine purchase. Next, you can find several inexpensive items for use in filling your gift baskets at craft stores, party stores, flea markets, discount outlets and other sort of stores.

For the containers, you can use a wicker basket, straw basket, champagne bucket, antique trunk, picnic basket or seasonal container. But make sure it’s durable enough.

For the gift basket filler, you can use torn colored paper, crumbled newspaper comics, straw and a crib of wrapped chocolates.  And for the gift basket liner, use shredded paper, tissue paper, tea towels, hand towels, colored napkins or cloth pieces.

And lastly to fill the container, you can use the items on the specialty or the theme of the gift basket. For wine gift basket, you can make a small random sampling of gift certificates for a spa visit, scented massage oil, gift voucher for restaurant, loofah, fragrant candles, CDs of a favorite artist, handwritten poem, inspirational book, bath pillows, watch, cologne, perfume, facial and body scrubs, soaps, shampoos or towel.

Boxed and fancy chocolates, bars, candies, gourmet chips, pasta, nuts, gourmet olive oil, gourmet cheeses, crackers, fruits, foods, Italian recipes, wine glasses and many more.

For gift basket wrapping you can use cellophane wrap or tulle netting. Tie off the basket with a ribbon on the top. Making your own bow also adds a high in the presentation.  And lastly, tuck the card in the ribbon and here your hamper is ready!

As a general tip, try to use non-perishable products except for fruits if you’re making a fruit basket. Count on freshly packaged food items as even packaged cookies can turn stale in a few days.  Next, you can avoid placing fragrant items in your wine gift basket; it doesn’t go well with it.

For more amazing ideas, concepts and options in basket gifting, click here. The online websites offer a myriad of choices in basket gifting purpose.

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