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Transform Your Mason Jar With Jargo by ZingAnything


What three things in your life can you NOT live without?  Give it some thought and drop your thoughts down below.

For me it is easy – I can’t live without duct tape, PVC piping and mason jars!  Lots of mason jars – all sizes and variations and even some antique jars.

Mason jars are so incredibly versatile and I don’t need to worry about any of the things people should worry about with plastic.  We use mason jars for organization (think craft room style), food storage, food preservation, canning (of course), beverage storage, traveling with snacks etc…  There is always a use for mason jars.

I have always wanted to use a mason jar for my beverages but it is too annoying to unscrew and entire cap to drink.  I couldn’t sit it on my desk like that because knowing me, I would bump into it and knock the entire thing over making a terrible mess.  Sure I could keep that cap on but constantly taking a full cap on and off all the time is just too annoying.

But now I have found Jargo by ZingAnything.  This is a life changing product!  I seriously think I will need to get one for everyone in my office for Christmas.

Isn’t this just the coolest beverage container you have ever seen?  The base is your standard mason jar – the top unscrews and allows that boring jar to turn into an actual beverage container.

The cap is a mouth size cap just like any traditional bottle.  It is silicone and doesn’t leak once it is pushed all the way down and into the opening.

If you look close you can see that the orange portion (available in an assortment of colors) is actually a separate piece that separates from the mason jar.

The top portion of the Jargo is what makes the Jargo so special – it unscrews.  When screwed back on it does maintain a leakproof seal.

Like any ZingAnything product – it is excellent quality and from a name I can trust.  This screw on accessory transforms mason jars into portable, drinkable bottles with the JarGo. From cold brew coffee to morning smoothies, the JarGo makes sipping out of your mason jars easy, stylish, and fun.  I use mine every single day – as you can see in the photo I start my day every day with my healthy “greens” in the form of Supermix – a Moringa based, nutrient dense beverage.  The Jargo creates a 23 ounce container and even has an easy carrying loop.  I can easily add plenty of ice to my drink due to the wide mouth of the mason jar.  This product is Dishwasher safe & BPA/EA free and fits any standard lid mason jar


The Jargo is available in Teal, Red, Slate, Green or Orange – personally, I plan to collect them all!

Save 20% on your total purchase with coupon code JARGO20

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