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15 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Are you an obsessive-compulsive type of person? Do you want to keep everything organized at your home especially in your kitchen? Whether or not you are an obsessive-compulsive type of person, it is vital in keeping everything organized in the kitchen.

Cleanliness is not the only thing that is important in the kitchen with each member of the family practically using it every day. Keeping things organized in the kitchen is just as important as maintaining its cleanliness.  If you need help organizing your kitchen you can start with Kitchen Renovation Services.

Here are some kitchen hacks you can use to keep your kitchen organized and help you  maximize the limited space that you have in your kitchen. You can also check out the container store to have an idea on the different storages that you can use for your kitchen.

  1. Use pocket organizers as under-sink storage

You can store cleaning materials such as sponges, gloves, and brushes in these pocket organizers.

  1. Hang pans and pots somewhere on the wall or somewhere high

Pots and pans consume a lot of space in the kitchen cabinets. It is also a lot better to hang them some place that is accessible. You can either hang a rail from the ceiling and use hooks to hang pots and pans or you can also use the unused part of the wall and put command hooks to hang the pans and pots. Another option is to use pegboards to hang your pots and pans.

  1. Hang cork boards on the inside of cabinet doors to maximize space

You can use this corkboard to hang measuring cups and spoons and it also makes it more convenient to use them. You can also put labels on them by using chalkboard labels.

  1. Use chalkboard paint on the inside of cabinet doors as another option to maximize space

You can write down recipes or kitchen reminders on the chalkboard paint using a chalkboard marker. This is more organized than hanging a lot of post its on the refrigerator.

  1. Organize your pantry by buying containers and labeling them properly.

Buy pretty containers that come in different size and shapes. Put labels on them for reference. You can use chalkboard labels to label the containers for a more creative effect. These small chalkboard labels can be bought online.

  1. Sort utensils by use

You can use mason jars to store your utensils and put labels on them. Arrange the utensils by categories.

  1. Use wicker baskets

If you don’t have enough space to store towels, you can use the wicker baskets and place them conveniently anywhere in the kitchen.

  1. Use the empty space between the refrigerator and the wall as an extension of your pantry

There are vertical organizers that can be bought at IKEA or online space saving shops that can fit in that empty space beside the refrigerator. You can also use a kitchen cart. You can use that to store canned or bottled goods and condiments as an extension of your pantry.

  1. Use plastic caddies or kitchen drawer organizers to organize your utensil drawer

Nestle your spoons, forks, and knives together to fit in as much as you can in those plastic caddies or kitchen drawer organizers.

  1. Use vertical storages for condiments and spices

The empty walls can be converted into a storage for condiments and spices by installing vertical storage that act like shelves.

  1. Use risers to maximize the space inside cabinets

With the help of risers, you can easily store containers of different shapes and sizes. You can put together the containers that are of the same shape and use the risers to separate them.

  1. Recycle old magazine racks and use them as Ziploc and aluminum file holders

Hang the magazine racks on the walls to make it more creative and to save more space.

  1. Install small shelves to store cups, mugs, and glasses

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