Top Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Venue

As an engaged couple, you are on the threshold of making some big decisions together – the selection of your marriage venue being among the first of many. Your choice of space would influence your budget, vendors, theme, attire and wedding décor. Given all that gets added to the selection of your wedding venue in Towcester area, you would certainly want to consider these top tips shared by expert wedding planners.

  1. As most wedding spaces are incapable of accommodating a variety of wedding sizes, it is essential to make an early estimate of the number of invitees expected to attend your special day. It’s always better to account for the maximum number of guests as you can always deduct the ones who would not be present on your special day due to last minute plan changes.
  2. Crockwell Farm is a wedding venue in Towcester area which may serve as an affordable option for your wedding venue. It is recommended that you both sit together to chalk out your budget beforehand, determine the amount that you can afford for dressing up the location, and address the concerns related to theme and décor. A discussion with your wedding planner, way in advance, would go an extra mile to make your wedding scene a success.  Additionally, you can search for wedding venues near me to get a really good idea of what even exists.
  3. Check out the blogs and photographs published by wedding photographers and planners to get a fair idea of how the venue would appear when you are getting married. The act will help you formulate the wedding theme, your attire, décor and other things pertaining to your D-Day.
  4. It is best to choose and plan your wedding date keeping the availability of venue in mind. For instance, Crockwell Farm is generally pre-booked in the wedding season. In case you are flexible with your dates and are agreeable to fixing your wedding in an off-season month, you can be assured of getting the venue of your dreams without trying too hard; and maybe at slightly lower rates too.
  5. The venue chosen by you will also play an important role in shaping up the ambience for your wedding day. Therefore, it is vital that you envision the look and appeal that you desire to share with your guests; beforehand.
  6. Freeze the theme or colours once you have decided upon the venue and location for your wedding. Say, if the space has gold chairs and ivory walls, you would want to go for a similar theme and colour combination to create a cohesive look – silver and purple would be a strict no-no!


If you seek inputs from wedding planners, you would get to hear raving reviews about Crockwell Farm which is a wedding venue in Towcester area. Elegant in design and graceful in appeal, it will make your wedding memories all the more cherish worthy.

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  1. Emma says:

    It is important to choose a place where all dreams will come together, providing an aesthetic appearance and comfort for the main couple and their guests. Of course, among the huge variety of locations, it is not so easy to choose a beautiful, suitable option. If you really want the ceremony to be special for you, I suggest you consider wedding chapel las vegas

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