Pets To Consider for Alongside Dogs

Dogs are such fantastic animals and they’ve been man’s best friend now for around 15,000 years. However, as humans we’ve had a penchant for other animals too. So, if you already have a canine but want something else, what animals are the most compatible?


Goldfish are some of the most preferred pets among many people today. Aside from their charm and looks, goldfish are pretty easy to keep as they require very little attention. Some proper understanding of how to keep these fish healthy is however needed to enjoy the benefits. Here are some good tips for looking after goldfish. For starters, your fish need enough space to swim about and particularly if there are more than two. A tiny bowl will be too restrictive for the fish. To be on the safe side, consider investing in a fish tank capable of holding at least 20 gallons of water. You also need quality fish food as well. In addition to keeping favorable temperatures, it’s advisable to feed the fish only once daily. If planning to add new fish to the collection, quarantine it first for at least 30 days before allowing it to mingle with the rest. 


Rabbits are generally easy to keep, friendly, and cuddly. Unlike dogs that can be noisy, bunnies live a quiet life producing little to no sound at all. This can be quite beneficial for individuals residing in an apartment with other people inside. One interesting fact about bunnies is that they bond with their masters pretty well. Bunnies can recognize their master’s voice, and even come out whenever commanded. It would however be advisable to spend some time with your potential rabbit pet before owning him/her. This is because bunnies take some time to familiarize themselves with new people.  Rabbits can stay most of the time indoors, though they may need at least 30 minutes of sun shine for good health. It’s also worth noting that, bunnies can live up to 12 years, which makes them good companions.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are not only good with kids but also affectionate as well. Owners describe guinea pigs as the perfect pet for individuals with young children, and those looking for more than just companionship.  Guinea pigs are also very clean for they only feed on fresh vegetables, hay, food pellets, and even take clean water. It would therefore be an excellent idea to clean its cage every day, and have it cleaned thoroughly once weekly.  While guinea pigs have a wonderful personality, they live approximately 6 years.  Aside from proper nutrition and hygiene, these friendly pets need plenty of exercise to remain healthy. You may also notice your pig is shy at first. This is entirely normal for they take some time to learn new owners. They produce a purring sound whenever content.



Ferrets aren’t just for everyone. This is because they can be quite mischievous and overly playful whenever excited. Another reason why you need to be careful with ferrets is that they need constant attention, with most requiring a keen eye to prevent them from wreaking havoc to your home. Ferrets like to chew on everything, and even love to dig around.  If you have the time and energy to keep such mischievous pets, then ferrets will make good friends. It’s worth noting that, ferrets too need exercise daily to remain active and healthy. Denying them of this right will only make them uncomfortable and sick. In addition to this, constant supervision is needed whenever your ferret/s is out of the cage.  Aside from their mischievous behavior, they can be quite friendly particularly if they get to like you or your style.


Like hedgehogs, ferrets are illegal in several municipalities in the country. You therefore should check with the relevant authorities before adopting one. Additionally, all these pets require constant veterinary care especially for vaccinations and other health requirements. Be sure to identify a good vet officer when shopping for a pet.



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